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Why I Started uConnect

by David Kozhuk

In the Beginning

When asked what inspired me to start uConnect, I usually tell a story about an underutilized career center. While I was an undergrad at UMass Amherst, I frequently visited the career center. So after graduation, when tasked with hiring junior analysts for the private equity firm where I was working, my first instinct was to call the Director of Career Services at my alma mater to coordinate an info session.

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A Conversation With UNH Seniors: Career Services and the Marketing Gap

by Ben Pauley

The Conversation 

This past week David and I took a call from a group of budding entrepreneurs at the University of New Hampshire. After attending the local TechOut competition in Manchester, the professor of their entrepreneurship class gave them an assignment: critique uConnect’s business.

They called around midday, just after lunch. Perfect timing. We introduced ourselves and dove headfirst into a discussion of career services. David led off with a couple of questions: have you ever used the career center? If so, in what way? And how does the career center engage with students on campus?

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