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The Changing Digital Environment: Career Services Websites as a Hub

by Ben Pauley

As a recent graduate I am familiar — too familiar — with the seemingly hopeless and confusing process of searching for a job. To be fair, my experience was partially due to my own negligence. I thought about my career no more than twice during my four years on campus. Apathy finally gave way spring semester of my senior year; the encroaching doom of life after graduation was too immediate to ignore. So, I started perusing the job boards for leads. While searching online and through my career center proved to be a semi-reliable method, I was nevertheless having trouble finding the kinds of jobs that interested me. Despite stumbling upon a number of reliable sites, the process seemed fragmented and somewhat random. The lack of any real organization was disorienting and provided me with only pieces of what was available.

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Topics: Career Services Websites, Promoting Career Services