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The College of Wooster Launches Virtual Career Development Platform Focused on Equity and Future Planning

The College of Wooster, a private liberal arts college in Wooster, Ohio has launched a new virtual career center.

For decades, Wooster has been nationally and internationally recognized for their undergraduate research program, in which every Wooster student is paired with a faculty mentor, with whom they complete a significant research project. As noted by the institution, “Through this distinctive program, every Wooster student develops abilities valued by employers and graduate schools alike: independent judgment, analytical ability, creativity, project-management and time-management skills, and strong written and oral communication skills.”

Undoubtedly, Wooster students are developing skills and competencies that will help them enormously in life after graduation. Yet what felt missing for many students was a clear, integrated, and equitable online space for identifying interests and strengths; and locating relevant resources, opportunities, and mentors to help them apply those skills to a fulfilling career. While Wooster’s APEX center has always offered students guidance and a diversity of career resources, the Career Planning team recognized that in order to best engage their digital native students, they needed to build an online, user-friendly, and highly curated space in which students can find the information and support they need based on their unique interests and affinities - anytime, from anywhere.
To help them build such a space, Wooster partnered with uConnect, makers of the first and only virtual career center. Together, they built Scots Career Hub.

“Our new virtual career center will help all students engage in meaningful career exploration starting the moment they enroll at Wooster, based on their unique interests, affinities, and strengths,” says Lisa Kastor, Director of Career Planning at Wooster. “We are so excited to roll out the Scots Career Hub, which will be available to all students and community members, wherever they may be."

Wooster laptopThe Scots Career Hub brings all career development resources, content, opportunities, and data together into one highly accessible and streamlined online space. Technical integrations with tools such as Handshake for jobs and events, Firsthand for mentors, and Vault for industry guides, brings content from previously disparate systems into a singular one-stop-shop for all things career.

Content in the new virtual career center is not only aggregated, it is also carefully curated into digital ‘Communities’ based on steps along the career development journey, such as ‘Choose a Major’ or ‘Network with Professionals; identities and affinities, such as ‘First Generation’ and ‘LGBTQ+’; and audience groups, such as 'Alumni' and 'Faculty'.

Not only will students, alums, faculty, employers, and families all find resources and information specifically for them, visitors to the Scots Career Hub will also be able to explore dynamic student outcomes data. Filterable by class year and major, these data reveal the first destinations, top employers, employment locations, and top graduate schools and programs for Wooster graduates. These data are incredibly beneficial for both current and prospective students - for prospective students and their families, it provides vital transparency to inform the big decision about if and where to attend college. For prospective students, it provides real, potential outcomes and inspiration for the types of post-graduation pathways they might pursue.

Later this year, Wooster will be launching a new Pathways Program, designed to help integrate intentional career planning into the full student experience. The new Scots Career Hub will serve as the home for the new program.

“Lisa and her team are incredibly thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of their students,” says David Kozhuk, Founder and CEO of uConnect. “We hope other institutions will follow their lead in prioritizing accessibility, equity, and user experience in their career services and beyond.”

All of the content on the new Scots Career Hub is open access and available for use and reference by the entire Wooster community. To check it out, visit


And if you'd like to learn how uConnect can help bring your career center online, fill out the form below and a member of our team will get in touch! 

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