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Team uConnect Spotlight: Estelita Young, SVP of Higher Education


I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Estelita Young and I’m the new SVP of Higher Education at uConnect and I am so excited to join the team. Why?

First, uConnect solves a problem. I had been looking at research about higher ed student engagement, retention, satisfaction with choice of majors and career readiness. As one who has spent her life working in one way or another in Higher Education as a student, faculty member and in various Ed Tech roles, I wanted to look beyond what students learn in their courses.

What I discovered was that students are ignoring career exploration or delaying until too late in their journey. If a student doesn’t have a career pathway or career goal in mind, they are more likely to question why they are paying for school and less likely to persist.

I’m also excited about working with David Kozhuk, Founder and CEO, and the team and the culture. The team is dedicated to bringing innovation to helping institutions scale career services and increase student engagement. The uConnect team and culture is amazing.

Estelita-1As the new SVP of Higher Education, I’ll be working with institutions to simplify engagement and optimize student communications to drive deeper and more meaningful engagement with the resources, programs and services they have and guide all students along career driven pathways. Feel free to connect via email or through LinkedIn.



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