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“CareerLaunch, our uConnect platform, serves dual crucial purposes,” says Kim Austin, Director of the Mays Business School Graduate Career Management Center. “It is an instrumental tool for current students and career center staff, but also a neatly packaged and streamlined way to demonstrate to prospective students our commitment to the career development of our graduate students, the wealth of resources and supports we offer, and the career outcomes of students who’ve graduated from our programs. Upon seeing our platform and Outcome Data Visualization tool, our admissions director immediately asked if she could share the link to CareerLaunch with prospective students!”

Mays has been able to increase the visibility of their valuable resources as well as increase access to the greater community. Roughly 1,200 graduate students attend Mays College of Business, yet since launching their uConnect platform in the winter of 2017, an average of 1873 unique visitors have come to the platform each month -- over 50% more visitors than graduate students. This impressive number is a clear indication that the Mays’ platform is resonating with the wider community -- prospective students, faculty & staff, and alumni -- in addition to current students. In maintaining such a space for the entire business school community to engage with career development efforts, Mays is making great progress in adopting a community, or Career Everywhere approach to career development practice.

See the Mays platform here:

Plus, don’t miss the insightful CoffeeBreak Conversation we had with Kim in April!



Texas Woman’s University educates nearly 16,000 undergraduate and graduate students across three campuses and online, and is one of the most diverse universities in the country. 

On a mission to cultivate and grow a career culture on campus, The Career Connections Team at TWU launched their uConnect platform in October of 2019 to help ensure that every student is aware of and able to easily access the specific resources and supports that will help them along their career journeys.

According to Laura Shackelford, Director of the TWU Career Connections Center, the new platform will provide easy access to resources and support, not only for students and alumni but also for faculty, staff, prospective students and employers. A

“We’ve designed our platform to make it easy for faculty and staff to refer students to the right resources at the right time, for alumni to find career resources or get involved supporting current students, and for employers to easily engage with TWU,” said Shackelford. “Additionally, prospective students and families will be able to see for themselves how rich and engaging the career development experience is at TWU. 

In October, 40 faculty, staff, and student leaders from across 18 departments and offices on campus gathered to learn about the uConnect platform and how it will support a strong career culture on campus. Though it hasn’t yet been announced to the student body, the platform has already seen nearly 3,000 pageviews -- clear evidence that its value is understood by the community members who’ve learned about it and have begun to explore it.

You can see TWU’s uConnect platform here:



The University Career Center at the University of Texas San Antonio serves their nearly 30,000 undergraduate students, as well as alumni. Last year, UTSA made a commitment to better informing student pathways and enhancing transparency by sharing dynamic, filterable student outcome data on their uConnect platform, via uConnect’s Outcome Data Visualization tool. Now, current students can see what predecessors from different majors have done after graduation, prospective students can envision a pathway from UTSA to the workplace, and they and their families can gain confidence in the return on investment in a UTSA education.

“Implementing the Outcome Data Visualization Tool with uConnect was a quick and easy process. Practically overnight, our outcome data came to life, and is now interactive and readily available to our entire community," says Yvonne Gonzalez, Associate Director of the University Career Center at UTSA. “Now, our admissions office has the link to ODV on their website for parents and students that are asking for outcome data, and our colleges are looking and asking for the data as well!” 

UTSA’s dynamic outcome data is just one of many parts of their uConnect platform resonating with the community, in fact, across UTSA’s Career Communities and content categories, such as ‘First Generation’, Biotech and Life Sciences’, and ‘Recruiting Events’, there are 74,385 opt-in subscribers -- individuals who have proactively signed up to receive relevant content in the automatically customized and generated newsletters that go out regularly from the University Career Center via uConnect. 

Check out UTSA’s platform here:



“At the Rockwell Career Center, we are proud to support Bauer’s richly diverse population of nearly 7,000 business students - each with their own specific career aspirations. Additionally, we work with thousands of employers each year, connecting them with our students through a wide array of recruiting events and experiential opportunities," says Jamie Belinne, Assistant Dean at Bauer. "The Rockwell team strives to learn and address the unique needs of each individual student and employer. Our uConnect platform markedly simplifies and scales our ability to provide customized support to each student and employer. It would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to provide this level of personalization without the platform. uConnect is our centralized and robust digital hub for engagement with career development activities.” 

Bauer’s uConnect platform serves both graduate and undergraduate business students, as well as employer partners, alumni, and faculty & staff. Across Bauer’s career communities and content categories, such as ‘Scholarships’ and ‘OCR Jobs,’ there are 16,515 opt-in subscribers. This impressive figure is evidence that the content the Rockwell team is publishing to their platform resonates with the Bauer community -- so much so that users are raising their hands to receive content in automatically customized and generated newsletters.

You can see Bauer’s platform here:


The Career Center at the University of Texas empowers students and alumni to identify and achieve individual goals for career success. Using a ‘hub and spoke’ model, the Career Center supports all students, while still providing specialized support for students at each College through dedicated career coaches and offices in academic buildings across campus. 

Just one semester into using their new digital career development space,, there are already significant results to share. Students are embracing the emails sent from inside the University of Texas uConnect platform; they contain career resources, opportunities, and events have already seen and with an open rate 23% greater than the industry average in higher education¹ it’s clear the students are finding a lot of value in the content. 

This high level of student interaction indicates that the Career Center has been successful in building an appealing and accessible model for engaging students with career development practices early and often during their time at UNT and beyond. 

See UNT’s platform for yourself here:

¹Constant Contact Average Industry Rates


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