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Public Universities Leverage uConnect to Increase Engagement and Scale Support for Large and Diverse Student Bodies

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Many public institutions have adopted uConnect’s marketing platform to scale customized support for the students they serve, increasing engagement, career readiness, and in turn leading to greater student wellbeing and outcomes. Learn about the transformational work of several of the public universities we’re honored to work with:




The University Career Center at the University of Texas San Antonio serves their nearly 30,000 undergraduate students, as well as alumni. Last year, UTSA made a commitment to better informing student pathways and enhancing transparency by sharing dynamic, filterable student outcome data on their uConnect platform, via uConnect’s Outcome Data Visualization tool. Now, current students can see what predecessors from different majors have done after graduation, prospective students can envision a pathway from UTSA to the workplace, and they and their families can gain confidence in the return on investment in a UTSA education.

“Implementing the Outcome Data Visualization Tool with uConnect was a quick and easy process. Practically overnight, our outcome data came to life, and is now interactive and readily available to our entire community," says Yvonne Gonzalez, Associate Director of the University Career Center at UTSA. “Now, our admissions office has the link to ODV on their website for parents and students that are asking for outcome data, and our colleges are looking and asking for the data as well!” 

UTSA’s dynamic outcome data is just one of many parts of their uConnect platform resonating with the community, in fact, across UTSA’s Career Communities and content categories, such as ‘First Generation’, Biotech and Life Sciences’, and ‘Recruiting Events’, there are 74,385 opt-in subscribers -- individuals who have proactively signed up to receive relevant content in the automatically customized and generated newsletters that go out regularly from the University Career Center via uConnect. 




“As a Career and Advising Center, we serve many different populations and offer a variety of services. The versatility of our uConnect platform has allowed us to integrate both career and academic advising resources into one streamlined space, simplifying engagement with our center for our students, employers, and our campus community,” says Rhonda Kitch, Interim Director of the Career and Advising Center. 

A recent report released by Tyton Partners found that institutions with integrated student supports, as a whole, demonstrate higher rates of retention and completion. Using uConnect, NDSU has been able to digitally integrate academic and career resources, building a holistic support system while also encouraging students to internalize the connection between academics and career, which research has found contributes to student wellbeing, a critical factor affecting persistence and retention.

The NDSU community clearly sees the value in what the Career and Advising center has built; since launching in 2017, the Career and Advising platform has seen exceptional growth each academic year in users, web sessions, and pageviews.



The University of Virginia developed their pioneering Total Advising Initiative as part of the University’s strategic plan, which has, as shared on their website, the goal of ‘helping students navigate big decisions and stay on track to accomplish their educational and career goals.’ ‘This integrated approach to advising practices provides students with the resources, knowledge, and expert advice they need to make the best choices for their future.’

Total Advising opened the doors to its physical gathering space, the Dathel and John Georges Student Center, in the fall of 2017. Then, in the summer of 2018 they launched their digital gathering space,, powered by uConnect.

“Our goal is to support UVA students holistically so that they are able to take advantage of all the opportunities and support available to them,” says Katie Densberger, Director of the Dathel and John Georges Student Center. “Our Total Advising platform, hosted by uConnect, allows our students, as well as faculty, advisors, and families, to see the wide array of resources we offer in one visible and accessible place. This integration of resources, as well as the ability to proactively communicate to students about them, has been a big step forward.”

The response to these proactive communications has been phenomenal; emails sent from the platform have an average open rate of 54% -- far above the higher education industry average of 15.89%



“uConnect is bringing the most advanced marketing technology to the career center. Implementing uConnect has strengthened our department’s virtual presence with students, employers, and university constituents. Since our launch, visibility and engagement with our department has increased dramatically,” says Jim Lowe, Assistant Vice Provost at the University of Connecticut. 

The Center for Career Development (CCD) at the University of Connecticut launched their uConnect platform nearly 5 years ago. The platform is the digital support space for the CCD, designed to facilitate easy career exploration and discovery of resources and opportunities for all UConn students -- of whom there are over 32,000. Ensuring that there’s fresh content relevant to the diverse interests of this many students can be a challenge for a busy career center, but the UConn team has taken advantage of the fact that the uConnect platform is designed to help engage the full campus community in the career development of students. The CCD team has made especially great use of the Guest Contributor Portal, where community members can submit content such as blogs, events, and opportunities. Nearly 300 pieces of content submitted by community members outside the career center have been published on UConn’s platform.



“Our mission at the University of Washington (UW) Career & Internship Center is to support each student in connecting their education to a fulfilling career. We want our students to make their own unique marks on the world. Given the diverse educational and occupational paths our students pursue and the relatively small size of our team, providing individualized career support for a student body as large as the UW’s becomes a grand challenge,” says Susan Terry, Executive Director of the Career & Internship Center. “With uConnect, we are able to empower students with self-directed customized career support, significantly advancing our ability to support the unique needs of each student.  Since launching our uConnect platform nearly three years ago, we have been consistently impressed by the amount of direct engagement with the platform.” 

Nearly 175,000 unique visitors explored the UW’s uConnect platform in the 2018-2019 academic year alone, clear evidence that what the Career & Internship Center’s team has created is resonating throughout the UW’s large and diverse community. 

In addition to using uConnect to directly support and empower students, the UW team also utilizes the space as a hub to engage and inform the many employers who recruit UW students each year. Faculty, advisers, and campus departments can also find dedicated information and resources on the Career & Internship Center’s robust and comprehensive career platform.



To learn more about how uConnect can help your institution support students and key institutional metrics such as enrollment, persistence, and completion, visit or email

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