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New Research from Entangled Solutions Analyzes the Career Navigation & Guidance Product Landscape

uConnect was born from the realization that far too often, career services are chronically underutilized, despite the fact that students - even by their own reporting - need them desperately. 

86% of currently enrolled students in higher education cited 'Career Advancement' as the primary factor in their decision to enroll in college (Strada-Gallup). This isn’t to understate the many other valuable things a student gains from higher education. But to understand the demands of our market we must understand our consumers - our students - and they’re looking for career advancement. 

Yet, the underutilization of career services has resulted in a crisis of career confidence -- only a third of students believe they will have the skills and knowledge to be successful in the job market (34%) and in the workplace (36%) (Strada-Gallup). 

There are so many dedicated and smart people working hard in career services offices across the country; these statistics aren’t a reflection on them, they’re evidence of breaks in the system. 

Disaggregation, disorganization, siloing, and a lack of transparency are what break the system. Colleges and universities are investing in high impact career development technologies and initiatives, yet without organization, infrastructure, and coordinated communication, students aren’t going to engage with them. 

Today, everything is accelerated. The stakes are higher, student needs are greater, and our ability to serve them is more important than ever. With students learning from home and facing a deeply challenging job market, having the ability to support student career development in a highly streamlined and scalable way - virtually - becomes vital. 

We’ve been assessing and writing about the career technology ecosystem for years, and the good news is that there are more impactful career technologies out there than ever. Colleges and universities must invest in order to be prepared to support students in the way they need to be supported. After all, in a survey conducted just last week, 99% of currently enrolled students said they need career services right now. 

With impeccable timing, Entangled Solutions released on Tuesday their newest white paper, Unlocking Career Potential: An Analysis of the Career Navigation & Guidance Product Landscape. 

Entangled Solutions, an education strategy consultancy, collaborated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on the extensive research that informs the new white paper. Unlocking Career Potential: An Analysis of the Career Navigation & Guidance Product Landscape examines the current state of the education-to-career landscape, outlining a cyclical model of student career navigation, and categorizes and assess the market of products and technologies that can be used to support students within that cycle. 

Further evidence that the topic is particularly essential in this moment, Unlocking Career Potential is already getting national attention, including a feature in Forbes

We encourage all higher education leaders and student success professionals to check out the critical new research in Unlocking Career Potential: An Analysis of the Career Navigation & Guidance Product Landscape. You can download your copy here


If you’d like to learn more about how uConnect fits into the career navigation and guidance product ecosystem, just enter your email address below and a member of our team will get in touch.


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