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uConnect Announces launch of Career aligned program pages




Latest offering helps higher ed institutions deliver on the promise of career advancement

Baltimore, MD, March 15, 2018 -  uConnect announced the launch of Career-aligned Program Pages at the 2018 UPCEA National Conference (#UPCEA103).  The new program pages are an extension of the uConnect enterprise software platform that enables institutions to provide advanced career services to their students. 

Colleges and Universities are experiencing increased competition when it comes to recruiting students into their programs. It’s critical they identify a way to stand out from other competitive degree/program offerings. At the same time, students are increasingly focused on career advancement as part of their enrollment decision. In a 2017 study, Ruffalo Noel Levitz found that 79% of adult learners said “future employment” was critical factor in their decision to enroll in an academic program.

uConnect’s Career-aligned Program Pages addresses both the institutional and student need.  When students research potential educational opportunities, the first place they go is the college or university website.  uConnect’s Career-aligned Program Pages seamlessly integrate into any school’s existing public-facing admissions website to highlight a school’s unique career resources, employer partners and historical outcome data when prospective students visit their site. The pages provide transparency to the student and help the institution’s program stand apart from other competing offerings.

“The website is the #1 place where prospective students go to learn about programs. Up until now, there hasn’t been an easy way for schools to curate the specific career-related information students are looking for and incorporate them into the primary place student go to learn about a school’s programs”, said David Kozhuk, uConnect’s CEO.  “Our Career-aligned Program Pages are a very simple but effective way to get the type of information students use to make enrollment decisions into their hands, without requiring them to jump through hoops.  Our newest product also equips enrollment coaches, advisors and admission teams with career pathway information to better support prospective students throughout their evaluation process.”

uConnect’s Career Related Program Pages are providing access to information that keeps students on a program website longer, keeps them engaged and helps drive inquiries and applications.

For more information on uConnect’s Career-aligned Program Pages, please stop by booth #403 at the 2018 UPCEA National Conference or visit


About uConnect:

uConnect helps colleges and universities fulfill the promise of career advancement. Their enterprise software platform has been adopted by leading colleges and universities, including UCLA, Ithaca College, Bentley University and Southern New Hampshire University, to promote career pathways to inform enrollment decisions for prospective students, and to provide a robust career services experience for students once they decide to enroll. uConnect embeds career services into the institutional brand narrative and daily student experience by offering an easy way for all students and institutional stakeholders to access a wide-breadth of curated career resources to improve persistence, career readiness and outcomes. For administrators, the platform offers robust communication tools to keep students engaged throughout their journey, and an admin dashboard that provides analytics and insights that inform continued program development. For more information, please visit



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VP of Business Development
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