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Cupcakes, Surveys and Career Advancement at the 2018 UPCEA Annual Conference


We hope you're as excited as we are about this week's UPCEA Conference in Baltimore. Fighting yet another Nor'easter, here in Boston, we were forced to hurdle 14 inches of snow, cancelled flights, delayed trains and print shops closed due to inclimate weather. It's all good though. As a young Drake would say, "we made it."

We've had a lot of great conversations with UPCEA attendees ahead of the conference about career services for adult learners, and we're excited to ride the momentum into Baltimore. The topic is top of mind for many on the heels of an important Ruffalo, Noel, Levitz survey which found 79% of adult learners said the "future employment" was a critical factor in their decision to enroll.

In response to the growing need from students and the urgency for a solution from institutions, uConnect announced a first-ever comprehensive survey of UPCEA members to better understand how continuing ed programs are providing career services for adult learners. If you haven’t participated, we close the survey at 1pm EST on Friday, to coinccide with the end of the conference. Here’s the link:

Here are 3 ways you can connect with us at #UPCEA103:

1. A Guide to Baltimore

First, we've curated some recommendations for making the most of your time in Baltimore. If it's your first time visiting, or you just haven't been in a while, check out our '5 Things To Do In Baltimore for #UPCEA103' blog post - we promise there's something for everyone.

2. Sweet Treats

It's come to be our calling card, of sorts. Who doesn't love a freshly baked dessert, especially on days when we're on our feet for hours. Like we did at the UPCEA MEMS Conference, we'll be arriving at the conference, with local, homemade cupcakes in hand (or more likely in box ).

If you come visit us at Booth #403, two things you know will happen for sure. You'll learn a lot about providing career services for adult learners, and you'll leave with a frosting smile. If you want to chat one-on-one, schedule time using our UPCEA calendar link: 

3. A Sneak Peak at our Survey Results

Even if you’re not able to participate in the survey, uConnect is offering UPCEA attendees a sneak peak at the results of the career services survey.

If you haven't already taken part - and so many have! - we've created short survey to collect data on how continuing and online programs are providing career services to their student populations. The results will be presented in a white paper to be published later on this month - and those who take part will receive a personalized version. See how your program stacks up!

See you in Baltimore!

- Your friends at uConnect



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