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Why Enable SSO on your uConnect Platform?

What it solves for:

In Higher Ed, we've seen an increasing number of student resources move from the physical spaces within advising centers and faculty office shelves, to find their home within a university's digital ecosystem. This movement aligns with an evolving trend in higher education to make student resources more accessible to the broader student population. The problem is that digitizing these resources is only the first step to providing simplified access. Once online, these resources usually require an authenticated user account and their own unique set of credentials, and live across many different websites and apps throughout campus. These barriers stifle engagement and ultimately stand in the way of creating a truly accessible environment.


SSO (not streamlined)


The good news is that your institution has already adopted the uConnect platform to knock down the first barrier to access; all of your campuses' valuable resources now have a singular digital home where they can be easily found. Students no longer need to search among different sites, apps, and portals, and are able see all the resources available to them at once. The next step in creating a truly streamlined and accessible experience is implementing SSO on your uConnect platform. 

What SSO accomplishes:

Single Sign On (SSO) helps create a unified online experience by opening access to your resources through a single set of university credentials. These act as the "skeleton key" to allow students universal access to everything within your institution's online ecosystem.


SSO (streamlined)

Rather than having to remember a different username and password combination for every online tool, SSO allows students to navigate from one tool to the next without the disruption of a login screen. Gone are the days of forgotten passwords and mismatched emails that derail your train of thought and block you from your goals.

Why SSO is a vital component of your uConnect platform:

Your uConnect platform is the central access point that brings together the various resources across campus and presents them to students in a way that promotes accessibility, visibility, and engagement. Enabling SSO for your uConnect will allow users to log in to the platform with that one set of university credentials. And once they've logged in, they will also automatically be logged in to any other tool they click out to from uConnect, so long as it is also SSO-enabled. By automating the login to your uConnect platform through the use of SSO, you're essentially unlocking all doors that stand in a user's way, and creating a clear path for engagement with all of your integrated tools. 


If you haven't yet enabled SSO on your uConnect platform, send us a message at, and we'll set it up for you (no charge!).

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