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September 2018 Features and Updates


Here's what's new!

  • For the employer enthusiast: Adds employer name, expiration date and location to the jobs export file. Wondering how to export that list? Find out here
  • For the subscriber surveyor: Adds pagination to the Subscribers list
  • For the Symplicity specialist: Pulls in Position Type, and Major attributes for jobs imported from Symplicity and maps them to Job categories and Communities. Want this feature? Just drop a line to and we'll get the ball rolling. 
  • For the sponsorship superhero: Adds the option to only show sponsor employers on the front page (just let us know if you want this enabled!)
  • For the limit lover: You can now decide how many resources or employers you'd like presented as your featured content on the front page. Just navigate to Customize > Front Page Settings to set the number (we recommend multiples of 3!)

🐛Fixed a bug causing issues with the  keyword search when advanced filters are used
🐛Fixed a bug causing subscription status of an unsubscribed user to display
🐛Fixed a bug with parsing event dates for Handshake integration
🐛Fixed a bug preventing deep-links to pre-filtered pages in the Outcome Data Visualization page to work properly

Other Fixes: 

🛠️Fixed an issue causing the social wall not to pull posts from some Facebook pages

🛠️Fixed an issue causing category pages for resources to display error pages

🛠️Fixed a UI formatting issue that caused the date/time picker to be cut off in events edit screen

🛠️Fixed an issue with title and description layout options for jobs, resources, and events category pages

🛠️Posts imported via an RSS Bridge are no longer being marked as guest posts


If you have questions about any of these updates (or anything else!), hit us up at

 And in case you missed these important updates from last month... 


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