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February 2018 Features and Updates

February Highlights:

New Resources Format!!

New Features

For the Aesthete: New Resources Tile Format: Your resources can now be presented in an attention-grabbing tile format in your widget section! This is reflective of the format on your Resources page. If you'd like to transition to this format, please send a request to!

Resources Tiles-1.png

For the Academic: Featured Classes Organization - ordering options are now available for the featured classes landing page and widget: they can now be ordered by title, custom order, or date added!

For the Socialite: Automatic Handshake Event Import Adds an option to automatically publish imported Handshake events (limits tagging to only student populations).



Featured Jobs Expiration Date - This update fixes an issue with featured jobs expiration dates - jobs now default to the automatic expiration date.  

Employer Dashboard Organization - This update added an 'All' tab to the Employers screen in the admin dashboard. In this tab, using a keyword search for an employer now defaults the view to 'All' and searches in every post status except 'trashed', making it easier to find the employer you're looking for!

 In case you missed these important updates from last month... 

January Highlights:

Featured Classes Filtering

* Featured Knowledge Base Article: How to Attract More Readers

Did you know?

* uConnect Academy Training is available 24/7? Simply click on the orange graduation cap in the admin dashboard bar and use your login credentials to access our unique training modules guaranteed to get you thinking about how you can better engage students with your unique resources!

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January 2018 Features and Updates
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