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October 2017 Features and Updates

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October Highlights:

* Display resources as your home page featured content!
Staff page update!
* Adjust Resources logos!

New Features

For the curator - Featured homepage content: - Jobs, Blog or Resources? You decide what featured content displays on the home page. 

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For the well-rounded - Staff Page expertise: - Highlight specific areas of team expertise by adding the advising categories of your staff directly to the staff page. 

For the perfectionist - Thumbnail sizing options: Now you can adjust the logo/thumbnail field for resources with Featured Image with thumbnail sizing options

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<---- this OR this ---->






Email Alerts - In some cases email alerts were not printing the user type in email footer.

Events Export to Google Calendar and Outlook integration - There was a bug in the handling of DST (Daylight Savings Time) for event exports, causing events that were added to Google Calendar to be 1 hour off. 

Email Newsletter - Fixed a formatting issue where for some job posts, the title and description were not being properly pulled into the email

Event Reminders - Reminders for events that had been in the trash were being erroneously sent to those who had RSVP'd

Social Publisher - Made performance enhancements to improve Social Publisher settings by reducing requests to external sites on page load.


 In case you missed these important updates from last month... 

September Highlights:
Multi-column banner on home page!
Recent Posts filters!
* New user role!

Did you know?

* uConnect Academy Training is available 24/7? Simply click on the orange graduation cap in the admin dashboard bar and use your login credentials to access our unique training modules guaranteed to get you thinking about how you can better engage students with your unique resources!

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