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March 2017 Features and Updates

We're excited to bring you some great features and updates this month. Check out highlights for March!

March Highlights:

* Read uConnect updates on your own schedule - anytime, anywhere from the uConnect news feed in your dashboard

* Up your game and become a uConnect super user by enrolling in our self-paced uConnect Academy

* Set expiration dates for your posts to keep things clean, fresh and relevant



  • For the avid reader - There's now a live feed in the dashboard that contains uConnect Features and Updates, Knowledge Base updates and blog posts to keep active users engaged and aware of uConnect happenings. 
Dashboard uConnect News widget.png
  • For the housecleaner - Get rid of old posts that are no longer relevant by using the option for setting an expiration date. 
  • For the pollster - Qualtrics forms can now be easily embedded into a page/post by pasting a link to a form on it's own line in the editor, the same way as YouTube videos are inserted.
  • For the gatekeeper - Need to verify the ownership of the website with Google Webmaster Tools so you can link it with a Google+ page or YouTube channel? Send us your google site verification code, and we'll take care of the rest! 
  • For the overachiever - Simply click on the orange graduation cap in the admin dashboard bar and use your same login credentials to access our unique training modules guaranteed to excite and give you some new ideas about best practices. 
Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 6.55.50 PM.png


  • Guest Posts: if there aren't any guest options for posting jobs, blogs or events on the site, then the 'Guest' navigation will be hidden, until one or all of these is enabled.
  • Featured Companies widget: as a solution to the companies widget on mobile being too tall and pushing the main content down, we've limited the number of featured companies showing to a max of 6 on the mobile view.
  • Gone, gone gone - External feed integrations were not looking in the trash to see if a job post or event had been already imported and moved to the Trash. Now, if a job or event is found in Trash, it will not be pulled in again on subsequent feeds. Please note: if the Trash is emptied, and the job or event is no longer matched there, it will be considered a valid post. 
  • Rate limit of GA API calls are now better handled and so the emails are deliverable. Smart tags can be used for customizing the title and subject line of individual emails.
  • Downloading RSVP's were failing if there was a comma in the event title so we've changed the download criteria to function even when there are special characters in the event title.
  • Refresh the image on publish jobs and events:  we identified and fixed a permission bug with editing published events and jobs. 
  • Stats for individual pages - it seems that the data showing on Insights for some pages was including, for example, visits for individual jobs as well as the jobs home page and was causing the numbers to be incorrect. 
  • Origin link for The Muse blog posts - the proper attribution now shows up at the end of the Muse blogs posts, saying that '[Blog Title] was originally published on The Muse.' 
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