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December 2016 Features and Updates

We do a ton of behind-the-scene work to ensure that you have the best possible user experience with uConnect. Check out what we were up to in December...

December Features and Updates


  • For the event planners - Added an option to set if the location for event is a physical location or not, which affects the formatting of the event title in emails ( [event] in [location] )
  • For the data geeks - Want to export your student list? We've updated the CRM export to put tags and categories under separate columns
  • For the designers - The slider for the banner images default formats to render at the aspect ratio of the uploaded images (to not cut them off)
  • For the bloggers - Control the max number of posts on the front page
  • Enhanced Google Analytics integrations so page paths longer than 128 characters will be included
  • Tidied up a formatting issue with thumbnails on the 'event' widget
  • Fixed a bug where the password reset link in the New User account module was not working when the user name was the email address
  • Fixed a bug with the New User account module where the password reset option is now enabled for user types with SSO but are on SSO enabled sites
  • Resolved Facebook name not showing up in Social Wall banner
  • Updated Social Wall's twitter images to be schema-less and https ready



January 2017 Features and Updates

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