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September 2020: Features and Updates

The updates we made for you in September of 2020: New ways to sort, tag, see subscriber preferences, and more! Watch it or read it to get in the know 😀

  • For subscriber savviness: In your 'Subscribers' view,  you can now see information on content preferences for Admins and Staff, on top of the information about to students and alums that was already there. Navigate in your dashboard to Engage > Subscribers, and you'll be able to see information on how often Admin and Staff are set to receive newsletters, and which types of information they're interested in receiving. 
  • For tagging tycoons: The default setting in uConnect is that, if you make updates to a job or event in your CSM such as Handshake or Symplicity, the next time uConnect syncs with the CSM, those changes will be brought over and reflected on uConnect. Now,  you have the option to switch that automatic override, meaning essentially that you can 'lock' into place the way you've set up a job or event in uConnect, regardless of what you change about that job or event within your CSM. If you'd like to activate this feature, reach out to!
  • For event evangelists: If you utilize the event overlay in the hero space of your front page, you can now pick where you'd like the 'See More Events' button to lead. For example, you might want that button to lead to a pre-filtered page of events you've designated as 'Front Page Events' (you'd set that up using an events Content Category Page - here's info on that). To set the 'See More Events' button to lead to whatever URL you'd like, just navigate to Customize > Front Page Settings and enter the URL at 'Events CTA URL'. Hit Save Changes to update! 
  • For simple sorting: You can now sort jobs by job title or employer! When you navigate to Publish > Employers and Jobs > Jobs, hover over 'Job Title' or 'Employer' and you'll see a small arrow appear. Click, and you'll sort alphabetically! 
  • For Symplicity supplements: (Just for Symplicity users) - If you add tags in uConnect to a job pulled in from Symplicity, you might have noticed that these additional tags would disappear. Now, when your integration with Symplicity syncs, it will append rather than override the tags you've added in uConnect, meaning they will no longer disappear! 


🐛Fixed a bug causing the titles of events with a quotation mark to not be editable

🐛Made a fix so that now, when you delete a job, event, or employer in uConnect, the sync with Handshake won't pull it back out of the trash

🐛For Wistia users: the videos module now handles when a Wistia video is 'not found' and displays an error message



If you have questions about any of these updates (or anything else!), hit us up at

And in case you missed these important updates we shared last month...



Did you know? 

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