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November 2018 Features and Updates

  • For constant communication: Want to add Facebook Chat to your platform? Look in the bottom right corner of Emerson College's front page for an example of this feature live. Just send us a message at to get it set up! 
  • For the best blogs: There's now an option to select which blog category or categories will appear in the Recent Posts widget. Drop us a line to learn more, or to reconfigure your widgets. 
  • For simple selection: Now, to add featured images for employers, you no longer need to go to 'Expanded Profile.' Instead, upload featured images under the regular 'Basic Profile.'


🐛We fixed a bug causing misalignment of centered images in custom emails. 


If you have questions about any of these updates (or anything else!), hit us up at

And in case you missed these important updates from last month...



Did you know? 

uConnect Academy Training is available 24/7! Simply click on the orange graduation cap in the admin dashboard bar and use your login credentials to access our unique training modules guaranteed to get you thinking about how you can better engage students with your unique resources!

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