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Mid Month Memo: October 2021

🍁 October's Mid Month Memo is all about opportunity! See how one college features available funding and learn how you can too! 📈


Your uConnect platform allows you to bring valuable opportunities to the forefront and to make available a wealth of resources that previously may have been inaccessible or hard to find. For Berea College, whose mission is to provide their students with a high value liberal arts education, regardless of their financial means, prioritizing available scholarships from across their institution was essential as they developed Beyond Berea, their uConnect platform. 

Sara Cornett, Internship Coordinator at Berea College's Office of Internships and Career Development, shared with us why it was so important for her team to build their Funding Opportunities page using the Experiences content type and what their future plans are. Read on to hear more from Sara!

"Besides no student paying tuition at Berea, the College and generous donors provide Berea students access to additional supplemental funding opportunities designed to support them throughout - and beyond - their Berea journeys. A student unable to afford to go to college likely needs additional support to afford the opportunities that help so many privileged others achieve success — an unpaid summer internship, fees for graduate school applications, professional exam fees and study materials, networking, job relocation and interviews, or even buying professional clothing —Berea College recognizes the importance of that need, and helps meet it.

Support is only helpful (and utilized) if students know it exists and if the information is accessible. The idea for our Funding Opportunities page came from the realization that although our office had incredible funding resources for students, those resources weren’t always easy to discover. They were embedded within different sites, each focused on their own funding sources, programs, initiatives, or student pathways. Why not put them all in one spot? uConnect gave us a perfect, easy-to-use medium to do that, and we put it front and center on our site.

Right now, we focus on featuring funding opportunities managed by our office, but this is Berea — the support doesn’t stop there, and students need to know about everything available to them.  In the future, we hope to partner with other areas on campus to highlight their funding opportunities on this page as well — in areas like academic excellence, wellness, international study, research, and more. Eventually, we’d love to see the Funding Opportunities page promoted and featured more prominently campus wide, so these resources become impossible to miss!"

Thank you to the entire Berea team and to Sara for sharing her process! Explore Berea College's platform here and check out their Funding Opportunities page!

Interested in building out scholarships and other opportunities using the Experiences content type? Keep reading!



Ready to broaden the reach of your Experiences content type? We're here to help! Using the Experiences content type, found in your dashboard from Publish > Experiences, you can showcase opportunities from across your campus, whether they be scholarships, volunteer opportunities, study abroad trips or more.

Once you've selected Publish > Experiences, click 'Add New' to create your new Experience. Complete any relevant fields such as description, location, application deadline, sponsor and website to build out the opportunity and to highlight where more information can be found.


From there, it's all about the tagging! Tag your Experience to any Community that you'd like it to display on, and don't forget to tag an Experience Category, too. Want your Experience to be featured in its own category? Navigate to Manage > Content Categories > Experience Categories to create a new designation for the Experience type that you can tag to.

Excited to link an Experience Category in your main navigation or to add a widget to show off what your campus offers? Reach out to our Support Team through the chat feature in your dashboard or by emailing, we'll be glad to help!



The following partner institutions are having their uConnect birthdays this month (aka the anniversary of their platform launch, but more fun). 

 We're wishing a happy 6th birthday to Penn State Smeal College of Business! We're also celebrating the 5th birthdays for University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business and North Dakota State University, as well as the 2nd birthdays for NC State Poole College of Management, Capella University and Washington University in St. Louis McKelvey School of Engineering. Last, but certainly not least, a happy first birthday to Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business!


September 2021: Features and Updates
October 2021: Features and Updates

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