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Mid Month Memo: March 2021

March's Mid Month Memo is here! 🌷 Read on to see how one client engages their subscribers and for an exciting uConnect announcement. 


In February's Mid Month Memo, we shared with you the best way to create custom emails to engage your subscribers. This month, we're highlighting one of our client partners who does just that: Yale University's Office of Career Strategy. The Yale OCS team creates and sends custom emails throughout each week to reach different segments of their audience, putting the information most relevant to their platform users directly into their inboxes. 

With custom emails, you can share curated content from your platform to the subscribers it will be most important to. Whether there's a specific Event for one of their Career Communities, or a push campaign for a Job deadline, Yale's Director of Strategic Initiatives and Public Service Careers, Robyn Acampora, said that her team is, "thrilled with the customized email feature through uConnect...[n]ot only are the customized emails aesthetically pleasing, but it allows us to repurpose content that our staff has taken the time to develop." For Yale's OCS team, the ability to, "select multiple blogs, events and resources and combine them into one message for our students has been seamless."

With custom emails driving engagement across the uConnect community, Acampora also noted that, for her team, 'the analytics from these custom emails have proven to be incredibly valuable and most importantly, the students love them!" 

Thank you, Yale University and the OCS team! You can create your own custom emails from your dashboard, from Engage > Custom Emails. If you have any questions, or would like help with setting up custom emails, please reach out to


March's DIY looks a bit different, and that's because, earlier this month, the uConnect Client Success team was thrilled to announce our newest opportunity to chat with you live: uConnect Drop-in Hours! Each week, the uConnect Client Success Team will be joining you to answer your technical questions, to brainstorm new projects, and to share best practices. 

Our next drop-in hours are Tuesday, March 23rd from 12pm - 1pm EST and we hope to see you there! You can register here or check out our new Drop-In Hours page to see which of our upcoming sessions work best with your schedule. We'll continue to add additional opportunities to join in the coming months.

In each session, you’ll have the chance to share your ideas and feedback with us and we'll discuss your submitted questions. If you're interested in attending a session or in getting more information, it's as easy as selecting 'Learn More' here, or from the Client Portal under the 'Client Events' tab.  

We’re excited to chat with you during our uConnect community sessions, but if you can’t make these hours we’re always available weekdays to answer your questions. Just reach out through our live chat from your dashboard or by emailing to connect with us!


The following partner schools are having their uConnect birthdays this month (aka the anniversary of their platform launch, but more fun). 

Happy 8th birthday to the University of Denver and happy 5th birthday to Indiana University - College of Arts & Sciences! We're also wishing a happy 2nd birthday to MIT Sloan School of Management and a happy 1st birthday to Earlham College and the University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Welcome to the newest members of the uConnect community! Great things are ahead. 


Ready to keep building your uConnect skills? Check out the brand-new, helpful articles below!


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