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Mid Month Memo: March

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Penn State’s Smeal College of Business launched their uConnect platform a little over 3 years ago, bringing the multitude of services and opportunities they offer into a modern online space that’s accessible and appealing to students, advisors, employers, and parents.

Smeal’s platform is both robust and astutely organized. To learn more about how the Smeal team keeps all of the valuable information on their platform looking good, we spoke with Emily Yanchuck, Smeal’s Marketing and Communications Specialist.

Updated Smeal CommunityA major  key to Smeal’s success is their utilization of the Static Content Blocks for static content on Communities and pages alike. “I think they’re a super easy way to make the page look SO much better than a big block of text,” says Emily. This article will guide you through adding your own Static Content Blocks!

One of the many places the Smeal team uses the Static Content Blocks is on their Career Communities. In each Community, users find a brief overview of four to ten careers commonly pursued by graduates from that major.

“We think it helps provide a good starting point for students who are unsure what career path they want to take. It pushes students to think beyond the classes they're taking and understand realistic applications of their majors once they graduate. The page is also a helpful tool for career coaches in our office can pull up as a starting point when students come in to seek general career advice,” says Emily. “We utilize stock images so the page isn't so text-heavy. We don't maintain and update the pages too frequently, but if we do receive feedback from a professor/department or see trends that a lot of our students are moving towards a specific job role, we are sure to update that on the page.”

Smeal student orgs

Smeal’s Career Communities also contain beautifully presented student organizations, which were added as Resources in the back-end of their platform. Now, students can explore opportunities to get involved on campus in a way that’s seamlessly integrated with their career exploration, and also more engaging and less overwhelming than a list of every organization, Emily points out.



Want to highlight your student organizations? Just send us a message at!




Maximizing your Rotating Banners

The Rotating Banner is the first thing visitors see when they come to your platform. This is a dynamic, eye-catching space that can serve as a powerful call-to-action, deliver an important message, and bring heightened attention to the resources you want to highlight most.

If you need a refresher on adding banners and hyperlinks, this is your article.

A few ideas of great things to highlight with your banner images:

  • An important upcoming event
  • A quick introduction to your platform and what users will find there
  • A resource to which you want to draw maximum attention


Creating eye-catching and appealing banner images is easier than you think! To help, we put together this tutorial on how to create a basic banner image using the free (!!) design tool, Canva. Note that step one is to create your account in Canva. 


Banner Demo

We hope you'll get creative -- the possibilities are endless! You can also use Canva (or any other design tool -- we love Sketch here at uConnect) to create beautiful banners for Career Communities or Resource logos. 




Welcome to the newest members of the uConnect community! Great things are ahead. 




The following partner schools are having their uConnect birthdays (aka anniversary of platform launch, but more fun). 

Happy 3rd Birthday to: 

Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences

Happy 1st Birthday to: 

Windham Career Connections



Check out articles published over the past month and get in the know!




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