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Mid Month Memo: June 2021

June's Mid Month Memo is here! Featuring all the perks of your external blog library ✍️, a way to highlight your team 📢 and more. 


We know that finding the time to create original blog content is not always easy. That's why uConnect developed our external blog library where you can quickly publish free blog content from trusted providers.

Troy Hopkins, Director of Undergraduate Career Counseling at the Rockwell Career Center for the University of Houston -  C.T. Bauer College of Business, shared with us his perspective on the external blog library and the value of publishing fresh content. "One of the reasons that we started using uConnect is that our students were not visiting our webpages because the content never changed. With uConnect, we saw a massive increase in web traffic but that presented a new issue: how do we keep generating new content?  You can only get your staff to write so many articles on their areas of expertise and if you are not fortunate enough to have a large staff, new ideas for articles runs out very quickly.

This is why we were so happy to see External Blogs in uConnect. External Blogs provides a steady flow of articles from The Muse, WayUp, Vault, Springboard, Idealist, Hospital Recruiting, Break Into Tech, jobZology, Ivy Exec, Symba, and Vidcruiter. uConnect is not only adding new providers on a regular basis but clients can recommend and refer new content providers as well.  If any of these providers don’t have relevant content for you, you can turn off their content to cater the articles to your platform. You can also easily choose from a list which articles to import and which to ignore – all in a bulk selection. Importing is really easy – the articles are pre-formatted and take only a few minutes to add to your site." To recommend a new content provider, as Troy mentioned, you can do so here!

Troy also shared with us how his team uses the external blog library to plan their content publication. "We take advantage of slower times in the office to preschedule articles to post several days, or even months, in advance.  This means fresh content on a regular basis, driving traffic to our site so that students see our upcoming events and our jobs, further driving student engagement even during our busiest times of the semester."

You can find your own external blog library by navigating to Publish > Blogs > Import External Blogs, from your dashboard. Ready to learn more about how to publish external blog content? Check out our Knowledge Base support article!

Thank you to Troy and the Bauer College of Business team for their great insight! Explore their platform here


Your team does amazing work and we're here to help you feature it! With a staff page, you can showcase the faces behind your platform, highlight biographical information for your team members, and provide an easy way for visitors to contact your team.

Staff Page Example

To edit your own staff page, first navigate to Publish > Pages and then select 'Edit' for the pre-created staff page. From there, you can search through 'Live Users' to select your team members who you'd like to feature! (Note: you can only pull in Admin, Staff, Student Staff or Community Expert users) Your team can also update their own biographical information at any point from Manage > Users, as well as add their advising categories and contact information so that users can schedule an appointment with them. 

Have different teams within your virtual career center or student workers who you'd also like to spotlight? We can help you to feature them all! Navigate to Publish > Pages, select 'Copy' for your staff page, then update the page title and users included, accordingly!

Staff pages are not included in any menus until added by a uConnect team member. When you're ready to link a staff page, new or old, in your navigation, we'll be here! Just reach out to through the chat feature on your dashboard or, if you have any questions, join us for a drop-in hour session by registering here!


The following partner schools are having their uConnect birthdays this month (aka the anniversary of their platform launch, but more fun). 

 We're wishing a happy 5th birthday to the University of Washington, a happy 3rd birthday to Wentworth Institute of Technology and Champlain College Online and a happy 2nd birthday to both Georgia Tech - Scheller College of Business and Indiana University Bloomington - O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs!


Welcome to the newest members of the uConnect community! Great things are ahead.


May 2021: Features and Updates
June 2021: Features and Updates

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