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Mid Month Memo: August 2020

An extra special Memo for you this month - sharing Texas Woman's University's strategies for strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion in career services; a handy trick to quickly know where to edit content in the dashboard; four new uConnect community members, and more! 



This month we are very pleased to highlight the powerful and important work of our partners at Texas Woman's University, who have made a strong and actionable commitment to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in career development. As we've all been taking these past several months to reflect on the ways our institutions fall short in supporting students, staff, and faculty of marginalized backgrounds and identities, it can be daunting to determine what next steps to take to begin the long overdue process of change. We are inspired by the swift and transformative actions the Texas Woman's University team have been taking to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion in their work. We hope that their actionable and open approach will inspire you and your teams as well. 

Thank you to Laura Shackelford and Dr. Greg Shirley of TWU's Career Connections Center for sharing the story, below - 

"When you can't change the direction of the wind - adjust your sails." - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The Texas Woman’s University Career Connections Center knows when it’s time to adjust their sails. The week after George Floyd’s murder, Career Connections was slated to meet as a team to discuss next year’s goals and priorities. With everything going on in the country amidst a global pandemic, it was a highly emotional and difficult time. However, instead of suspending the meeting, the group decided to still meet and navigate difficult conversations about our office, university, and world. The conversation challenged our comfort levels, but it was needed – and after listening to what team members felt our team and students needed the most, the Career Connections leadership decided to move forward with an overarching paradigm of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Career Development. We split staff into teams to develop goals around students and alumni, staff and faculty, and employers and community members. We asked that every goal support DEI in career development, and every goal support our students. Each team was also tasked with writing a DEI statement for their population.

The results have already been better than we could have envisioned. In the first weeks since the initial paradigm shift, our team came up with a shared “commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion” statement, which we then placed in a highly visible location on our uConnect platform. All team members had a part in developing the statement, which is action-oriented and lists what our team actively does to support our students. Several team members partnered with another office on campus to facilitate a “Working While Black” panel for students, in which Black professionals shared personal stories and provided a safe space for TWU students to ask questions about navigating difficult workplace situations. The team plans to continue a similar webinar series around identities in the workplace this year.

In addition, the “staff and faculty” project team developed a monthly curriculum to educate and empower our Career Connections team on diversity topics and intersectional identities of our students; topics include systemic racism, women, Trans, and Latinx identities. In the first meeting, our team bravely shared personal stories of racism, privilege, white fragility, fear, and the desire to connect more deeply with each other. We feel strongly that peeling back the layers, having brave conversations, and educating ourselves will help us to better serve our students, who need more help than ever navigating a challenging world of work.

Thank you Laura, Greg, and the TWU team! If, among these other great ideas, you'd like to share your office's DEI statement on your uConnect platform, just reach out to!



Have you ever been looking at something on the front-end of your uConnect platform, but not been sure how to find the content on the back end to edit? In this DIY we’ll be sharing a quick and easy trick you can use to always know whether you’re looking at a Community, a Custom Page, a Resource, etc. 

There are a variety of ways you can present content on your uConnect platform depending on the type of information you’re looking to display. If you haven’t already learned about the different ways, check out this article!

From the front-end, you can tell from the URL of the page how to locate the same information in the uConnect dashboard. As you navigate through the platform and enter new pages, the URL changes depending on the content type that was used to display the information on the page you’re on. Here are the different scenarios:

  1. Community page: On a Community page, the URL of the page will change to:  “”. All pages created through Manage>Communities will contain /channels/ in their URL.
    url example
  2. Custom Page: On a custom page, the URL of the page will change to include the title of the page directly after the landing page URL. Here’s an example: “”. In this case, the title of the custom page is Schedule an Appointment. 
  3. Resources: On a resource page, the URL of the page will change to include /resources. An example is: “
  4. Jobs: On a job posting page, the URL of the page will change to include /jobs. An example is: “
  5. Blogs: On blog posts, the URL of the page will change to include /blogs. An example is: “
  6. Content Category page: On a Content category page, the URL of the page will change to include the type of content, category, and then the title of the content category tag. An example is: “” 

The same URL logic will follow for rest of the content types listed in the backend of your platform underneath the “Publish” section - like jobs, resources, and blogs, employers, people, events, classes, organizations, and videos will all also indicate the type of content they are within the page URL on the front-end.

If you have questions on how to know which content type was used to display the information on the front-end and how to locate it in the backend, please reach out to




Welcome to the newest members of the uConnect community! Great things are ahead. 




The following partner schools are having their uConnect birthdays (aka anniversary of platform launch, but more fun). 

Happy 6th Birthday to: 

Happy 5th Birthday to: 

Happy 2nd Birthday to: 

Happy 1st Birthday to: 




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