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Mid Month Memo: July 2020

🏖️July 2020: Keeping students engaged with your campus community, jazzing up your video library, lots of July birthdays, and much more!



On your uConnect platform, you have the option to publish Organizations amongst your other content types (Blogs, Employers, Jobs, People, Events, Resources, Classes, and Videos). Student organizations can affect a student's career readiness directly, or contribute to a student's sense of community and well-being while at school, increasing persistence and completion. Encouraging student engagement with student organizations on uConnect rounds out a robust student success platform. 

Especially now with students dispersed, maintaining community and the extra curricular experiences that contribute to a student's success and sense of belonging is incredibly important. Many student organizations have continued programming with all-virtual meet-ups, guest speakers, and networking. Make sure all of your students are aware of these opportunities by publishing them alongside your other valuable content on uConnect

One uConnect institution that has done an excellent job promoting their student organizations on uConnect is Sacred Heart University. On their platform, SHUconnect, the Sacred Heart team promotes student organizations within their Career Communities. To learn more about why they've chosen to promote student organizations, we spoke with Keith Hassell, Executive Director of Career & Professional Development at Sacred Heart. 

"Along with experiential learning opportunities, education information, featured jobs and mentors, our Communities also feature campus organizations to promote the value of campus engagement. Staff members continue to encourage students to be involved with the campus community, and now have an available resource to guide students should there be interest. Our team has allowed the student groups and organizations to provide customized information about their group, including contact and description – which has aided in the overall interest and importance to professional development."

Thank you Keith!

If you'd like to set up organizations on your uConnect platform, just reach out to to get going!



A great way to ensure students and your other community members remain engaged on your uConnect platform is to take advantage of the different ways to customize your video library!

Videos are a great way to convey important alerts, instructional content, other career related information to your visitors in a familiar and easy-to-digest format. It's also a nice deviation from traditional text, and a captivating way to deliver information! An example of a built out video library is shown below (with some specific features highlighted, which we will discuss below!)

Video Library Diagram

As you can see from the screenshot above and example here, videos you’d like to call more attention to can be featured at the top of your video library as a hero video, spanning the width of the whole page and showcasing the video’s description along with a title and thumbnail, rather than falling into the three-across tile format like the rest of the library. Adding a hero video is a quick and easy way to drive traffic to a valuable resource and feature information for students and your broader campus community front and center.

To add a hero video, follow the steps below:

  1. In your admin dashboard, navigate to 'Publish' in the left-hand side bar
  2. Hover over 'Videos' and select either 'Add New' or 'All Videos' depending on whether you'd like to create a new video or edit an existing one
  3. If you're editing an existing video, locate the video in the list of published videos, and select 'Edit'. 
  4. Once on the video edit screen, scroll down to the field labeled 'Hero Video'. 
  5. Select the checkbox. 
  6. Select 'Publish'. 

Checking to make sure each published video includes a brief overview of the value of your video’s content and summary of what platform visitors will find once watching is also a great way to capture interest and encourage viewers to explore more resources. The video overview text is featured just below the title of the video in the video tile, which you can add in the text box at the top of the screen when publishing any video. 

Lastly, try adding a thumbnail image to your videos. If you don't add one, the system will automatically feature a randomly selected frame from your video as the thumbnail. But to make your videos as appealing as possible, you can specifically select a thumbnail image to feature - just click 'Select Thumbnail' when publishing a video. Try finding a thumbnail with vibrant colors, or using similarly designed thumbnails for each video to make sure your video library looks consistent.

Like any other content type on your uConnect platform, be sure to tag your videos to their relevant Communities, to make sure different audience groups can locate all the information pertaining to a specific topic in one central place!

For any questions on the video content type, please contact support at




Welcome to the newest members of the uConnect community! Great things are ahead. 

  • Michigan State University launched a new and improved full version of the uConnect platform,  Career Services Network, last week!



The following partner schools are having their uConnect birthdays (aka anniversary of platform launch, but more fun). 

Happy 4th Birthday to: 

Happy 3rd Birthday to: 

Happy 1st Birthday to: 




Check out articles published over the past month and get in the know!




Announcing User Interface updates!
July 2020 Features and Updates

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