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Mid Month Memo: January 2021

Passing the microphone 🎙️ to this month's Client Spotlight and the key 🔑 to showing off your great content: it's January's Mid-Month Memo! 


As a career center, engaging students is always a top priority. And finding new ways to do so? Even better! With 55% of Americans listening to podcasts in 2020, The University of Washington Career and Internship Center and CJ Sanchez, Career Coach, were ready to reach their community through a new medium. Sanchez began his podcast, Career Talks, in May of 2020 and from there, the University of Washington reached out to uConnect to highlight podcasts on their Communities.

While Sanchez wrote that he had long been interested in creating a podcast, this year provided an opportunity to combine podcasting and his work as a Career Coach. "While I had a grand plan of doing a podcast...I also decided to bring that in to some of my work at the UW Career and Internship Center. This was right before the pandemic and the podcast idea morphed from a fun side project to a more serious way that we can expand our services." In his podcast, Sanchez talks with alumni, staff and community members about the work that their Career and Internship Center does, their experiences, and their advice.

Sanchez's journey into the world of podcasting has been a huge success, so far, "I was very surprised to see the podcast receive almost 6,000 plays since the launch in May and to have some of our early episodes still get plays today. Aside from the valuable insights that our guests have shared, I think that this resource is also a great resource to...have more personal ways for students to connect with the UW community." The primary goal of creating and producing the podcast, as Sanchez wrote, "was to always share some relevant stories for our students and UW community on the various career journeys and insights of our guests."

The Career Talks podcasts is currently featured across select University of Washington Communities, such as their Non-Profit, Social Justice & Education and Jobs Communities. As the podcast continues to grow, we hope to continue to highlight these important interviews and stories. "uConnect has definitely given the podcast its podium with the widget and I think that a lot of our students engage with the easy to click window on our website. It has been a fun project, and while I’m still learning a lot about audio recording and editing, I’m excited to see where it goes next,” said Sanchez.

uConnect is always thrilled to help you reach your goals and to explore new avenues of engagement with you. If you have a podcast that you'd like to feature on your platform, you can contact, and you can also check out more of the University of Washington's podcasts, here!


If we had to guess, the favorite part of your uConnect dashboard may be the Publish section. Within the Publish section, you can create and showcase all of the content that is so important to your community, such as Jobs, Events, Experiences, Resources and so much more. We won't deny it, it's one of our favorite sections, too!

However, after you've published content, how can you ensure that this content is reaching your students, and that they're meaningfully engaging with it? This is where Content Categories come in!

Content Categories are a key component to making sure that your content is viewed by your intended audience. There are three major ways that content categories work for you and your students:

  • Filters - The Content Categories that you create act as filters on the front end of your platform. As your community explores your platform, having content categories allows them to filter through your content to find what is most relevant and important to them!
  • Automated Alerts - If you have automated alerts set up (for more on those, click here) your subscribers can select their preferred Content Categories to receive content tailored to their interests and needs, putting your great content directly in their inbox!
  • Widgets - Your widgets do a fantastic job at showcasing your content, but some content may not be applicable to each of your site users. With Content Categories in place, you can customize your widgets even further, and be sure that students are viewing what matters most to them. 

Content Categories are meant for every content type that you publish. To create a new content category, it's as simple as navigating to Manage > Content Categories, from your dashboard and selecting 'Add New.' For suggestions for categories for each content type, check out our Knowledge Base article, here

If you have any questions on setting up additional Content Categories, please reach out to; we'll be happy to help!



The below partner schools have their uConnect birthdays this month (aka the anniversary of their platform launch, but more fun). 

Happy 5th Birthday to the University of Texas San Antonio and Happy 3rd Birthday to the University of Virginia! And we're happy to celebrate the 2nd birthdays of St. Catherine University, Drew University, Binghamton University, Michigan State University, Aquinas College, University of Missouri, and Pomona College.


Ready to keep building your uConnect skills? Check out the brand-new helpful articles below!


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