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Mid Month Memo: February 2021

An exciting way to share real-time career data 💼, creative ways to reach your audience 💬, and more...the February Mid Month Memo is here! 


This month, uConnect was thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Emsi, to bring real-time career data directly to your platform. Through our Labor Market Insights module, it's now easier than ever for students, alumni, and other platform users to explore career paths, employment trends and labor-market data all without ever leaving your platform.

For Edinboro University, their Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning was ready to take advantage of the new feature and to add Labor Market Insights to their platform.
Monica Clem, Executive Director of the Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning shared that, "The Labor Market Insights tool has given our students, faculty and staff the power of real-time data on a variety of industries and careers at their fingertips. We were particularly excited because in the past, information like this required our team to compile reports, which was both time consuming and restrictive." To make this new data easily accessible, Edinboro University added the Labor Market Insights module both in their main navigation under 'Job Market Insights' and embedded within, and tailored to, their Career Communities. 

To further highlight their new tool, Edinboro University, "promoted it to the campus community with a brief instructional video, hosted in our video library." The university has also found that the tool presents opportunities to engage students who have not yet decided on a career path, sharing that, "[w]e are excited to use this tool in our student appointments, especially with first and second-year students who are still exploring their options."

Clem also shared the response she's seen to the new data, saying that, '[s]tudent feedback has been very positive, with one student saying that she wished this kind of information had been available to her earlier in her college career. This kind of feedback shows us that students are hungry for this kind of information, and uConnect has empowered us to reach more students with the information they need to make informed career decisions."

Thank you, Edinboro University! Interested in adding Labor Market Insights to your platform, as well? Reach out to to set up your free six-month trial!


Remember above ⬆️ when we mentioned that Edinboro University was promoting their exciting new feature? We're here to share one of the great ways that you can also promote new content, share fresh campaigns, and reach your audience: Custom Emails!

With Custom Emails, you can create an easily segmented email to reach your community. Custom Emails can be created by navigating to Engage > Emails > Custom Emails, from your dashboard. From there, it's as simple as following the prompts to select your audience, add content, and share!

Having the option to send different types of emails to specific audience groups allows for more customized and dedicated support, without needing to manually add email addresses with each new email. With Custom Emails, you can easily send important news about campus events, new releases to your platform, or changes to schedules in minutes. While one email is sent to first-year students, welcoming them, another can be sent to alumni, encouraging them to post available job opportunities. What’s even better than that? You can also set a custom time for the email to be sent if you don’t have time to set it live later!

Custom Emails also help to drive even more traffic to your uConnect platform. If you’re looking to increase engagement with the platform while students are virtual, take advantage of the 'import' section of the custom email builder by linking to existing content in your platform and encourage users to explore. The custom email builder can elevate your workflow through its ability to track analytics, including your email’s open rate, click through rate, and top links/resources interacted with. 

If you have any questions on creating a Custom Email, or if you'd like to learn more, please reach out to; we'll be happy to help!


Welcome to the newest members of the uConnect community! Great things are ahead. 


Ready to keep building your uConnect skills? Check out the brand-new, helpful article below!


January 2021: Features and Updates
February 2021: Features and Updates

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