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Mid Month Memo: February 2020

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For this month's Client Spotlight, we're so excited to bring you the wonderful and unique story of collaboration between the Art Department and Career Center on Edinboro's uConnect platform, a collaboration that has resulted in increased student engagement with both the Art Department and Career Center's key initiatives. Thanks very much to Monica Clem,
Executive Director of Career Development and Experiential Learning at Edinboro, for sharing the story: 

'The Edinboro University Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning staff work collaboratively with faculty and other offices on campus to help extend the reach of career education and services to a greater number of students. Faculty in particular are extremely important partners, as they have the most frequent and meaningful interactions with students. Faculty are also often the best conduits of career information that is field-specific, and students appreciate receiving career education from their faculty advisors. Many faculty members also rely on the Career Center for current and new information, employer relations, support for internship searching, and other vital services. This routine exchange and support has become a normal part of the Career Center's operations, but uConnect provided a way for our office to expand on this relationship and help our faculty meet the needs of their academic department, while also facilitating more frequent interactions with students.

In the fall semester of 2018, the Edinboro Career Center launched its uConnect platform, TartanEdge. That same semester, a new faculty member in the Art Department approached the Career Center's executive director with questions about including more career education into the art candidacy process. What began as a discussion about integrating more career-focused elements into the Art Department candidacy process for students soon evolved into a discussion about modernizing the process itself. The timing couldn't have been better - the new TartanEdge platform came with uConnect's unique form building and email capabilities, which enable Career Center offices to develop customized forms and pages depending on their needs. After much consultation with uConnect developers and support staff, as well as the various Art Department focus area chairs, the Career Center was able to help the Art Department transform the candidacy process from a paper form and jump drive to a fully online application in less than a semester.

"Incorporating the Career Center into the candidacy process has proven to be an effective way to streamline our process and encourage our students to utilize this valuable campus resource," says Brian Fuller, Assistant Professor of Film and Video Studies, who initiated the candidacy discussion with the Career Center. 

Now, when students complete their application for candidacy using the TartanEdge platform, their faculty members receive an email alert that contains a copy of the application with links to view the student's art projects and uploads on a secure server. This email (and the application) can be kept for as long as desired, enabling faculty to build an ongoing record of works. Linked images can even be downloaded directly to the faculty member's computer or cloud. In addition, many Art Department faculty decided to incorporate a requirement to meet with one of the Career Center coaches as part of the candidacy process to discuss resume development, job searching, and professional/personal branding. This has led to a 50% increase in the number of repeat appointments with art students in only one semester.

Locating the art candidacy application on our platform has also increased views of our career blogs, featured employers and jobs, and other career content. We are excited to continue working with other campus offices and faculty in the future, including highlighting campus organizations and clubs and developing featured mentor networks in our Career Communities. You may view our Art Candidacy page here.

"We have really enjoyed our partnership with the Art Department faculty. It has opened the doors to a lot of productive discussion about ways we can collaborate and work together to help our students succeed and reach their career goals," says Christina Moreschi, Assistant Director of Career Development.'


Thank you so much Monica for sharing, and to the entire team at Edinboro who worked on this project. Your openness and commitment to collaboration is inspiring, as are the positive impacts for students that are the result of your cooperation! 

If you'd like to talk through ways you can leverage your uConnect platform to facilitate collaboration with other offices and departments on campus, we'd love to chat. Just send us a note at! 




Your uConnect Communities are uniquely designed pages that aggregate and organize content within your platform. Within Communities, content such as resources, blogs, and featured jobs & events are automatically aggregated so students don't have to spend much time looking for the information they need. Any content tagged to the Community will dynamically feed into the page and will be displayed in real time as it’s published.

Our recommendation is to utilize the Communities to display dynamic content and have content feed in automatically so your office doesn't have to spend much time maintaining the content, but we recognize that sometimes it’s valuable to present permanent content to your audience. Therefore, here at uConnect, we provide the option to display static content on your Communities in a visually appealing way. Static communities don't rely on a continuous stream of content; they function as a reference to inform and educate users. One way to display the fixed content is in the form of featured content blocks. Each block consists of an image, title, and description. Static communities are a great choice if you want to present permanent content to your audience and we suggest that you take advantage of our static block content to present the information in a visually appealing information. 

Select the static template:

  1. Under the Manage tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard, select Communities
  2. Locate the career community that you wish to update and click Edit
  3. Scroll down to Featured Content and select Static blocks 

Here’s a demo video that goes into details. And if you have any questions, send them to! 




Welcome to the newest members of the uConnect community! Great things are ahead. 




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January 2020 Features and Updates
February 2020 Features and Updates

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