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Mid Month Memo: April 2021

April's Mid Month Memo is here 🍎! Read on for an opportunity to join Career Everywhere conversations, a way to make the most of your Content Categories, new Knowledge Base articles and more! 


As a member of the uConnect community, you'll often hear us referring to Career Everywhere. Curious to learn more about what we mean? Career Everywhere is about scaling the impact of your work, empowering you and your stakeholders to guide learners to meaningful careers, and embedding career into all aspects of the student journey. And this month, we're bringing Career Everywhere to you!

This spring, as part of our Career Everywhere Conversations, we're offering a three-part series on advocating for career services. Our first conversation, happening April 21st, features career services leaders who have successfully advocated for buy-in from senior leadership and for increased resources and budget. The following Career Everywhere Conversation will include ways to increase collaboration and sharing through campus partnerships and our third will focus on expanding services for underrepresented and new student groups. This series will provide strategies that you can use to advocate for the support that your career services teams need and deserve!

These conversations feature our partners at Aquinas College, the University of Connecticut, Drew University, the University of Miami, MIT Sloan School of Management, Oregon State University, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and more, and we're excited to share these conversations with you, too. Interested in joining us? You can learn more and sign up here

Our first Career Everywhere Conversation is April 21st at 3 pm EST. If you can't make it, there's no need to worry! Register here and we'll be sure to send you the recording.


We've shared with you all of the ways that Content Categories impact your platform experience (psst, check that out here), but did you know that each of your Content Categories also has their own landing page that highlights all of their great content? Each time you tag a piece of content to a Content Category, it's included on a landing page that you can easily access from your dashboard. These Content Category landing pages can be featured in your menus to drive engagement and to showcase a curated portion of your content!

Ready to learn how to update a Content Category landing page? It's as easy as navigating to Manage > Content Categories and selecting a Content Category to edit for a given content type. In this section of your dashboard, you'll see you that can add Content Categories for each content type that you find in the Publish section. By selecting 'Edit' on a Content Category, you can then add a header image and a description to make the page even more visually appealing for platform visitors!

Once you've updated your landing page, you can preview it by navigating back to the Content Categories section and selecting 'View.' Now, you’ll see all items tagged to that Content Category, along with the header image and description that you’ve added. The best part? As more content is tagged to this Content Category, it will automatically appear on the landing page that you’ve just created.

The last step to highlighting your Content Category landing page is to contact to let us know where you'd like the Content Category landing page linked. We'll be glad to add it to your menu for your users to explore!



The following partner schools are having their uConnect birthdays this month (aka the anniversary of their platform launch, but more fun). 

 We're wishing a happy 2nd birthday to the University of North Texas and a happy 1st birthday to Career Waves 2!



Welcome to the newest members of the uConnect community! Great things are ahead.


Ready to keep building your uConnect skills? Check out the brand-new, helpful articles below!


March 2021: Features and Updates
April 2021: Features and Updates

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