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Mid Month Memo: April 2020

A newsletter-style blog published every third Wednesday of the month. In the Memo, you'll find practical advice and best practices for using your uConnect platform, inspiration from other partner schools, news from the uConnect community, and more! 



In our humble opinion, uConnect auto newsletters are one of the coolest features. Each student gets their own, entirely unique newsletter with just the content relevant to their interests - and all you have to do is turn the newsletters on! But, we're preaching to the choir of course. 

The team at the UConn Center for Career Development does a great job utilizing the newsletter feature to reach their audience of over 30,000 students, and have spent time strategically thinking about their use of tags to fuel the newsletters that get sent out. To learn more about their strategy, we spoke with Lee Hameroff, Associate Director Of Operations. 

"The UConn Center for Career Development has been a uConnect client for many years, and although we had utilized the Newsletter function previously, we recently re-shaped our strategy behind preparing and tagging content to maximize the benefit of this function. A few months ago, we added Career Communities to our platform. These communities were designed to bring tailored content to students with specific career interests; therefore, we knew we needed to do a better job tagging content throughout the platform. We developed a strategy behind preparing specific blog content for each community, tagging jobs to each community, tagging events to each community, and selecting key resources to display on each community page.

In addition to our tagging efforts, we embarked on an email campaign to students, informing them of the new communities and asking them to either set or re-set their platform preferences, and to review their alert settings. We understood that this would help to ensure that they would get the appropriate content via the Newsletter. Our efforts have had a significant positive impact on the quality of the information provided to each student via the Newsletter function. We are much more confident that the information students receive is personalized and relevant to them, ensuring they are getting the tailored content they desire."


Thanks, Lee! If you want to learn more about auto newsletters and how to turn them on, check out this article. You can also learn about tracking engagement with your newsletters here. If you have any other questions, you know where to find us!




On your uConnect platform, you have the ability to manually pick the order of appearance on the front-end  of several content types: People, Users, Resources, and Community filters. The process of assigning the order is the same for all content types and will always be controlled by the ‘order’ field on all content types. In this DIY, we will be using the People content type as an example to demonstrate the process of reordering.  In adjusting the order of People you are able to ensure that certain mentors or advisors always remain visible at the top of the People Landing page. 

Generally, the “People” content type is designed to promote mentors and advisors who can become vital figures in a student's professional journey and if you know that you’d like certain mentors and advisors to always remain visible at the top, you can manually assign them an order. You have the option to pick the order in the People Landing page in addition to the People widget.

In this DIY, we will be sharing the process for assigning an order to the mentors that appear on the People Landing page. Please refer to this article if you’re interested in the process of reordering People on a widget.

NOTE: The default order for “People” (and all other content) is "0." Any “People” left to the default number of 0 will appear by Date Added after those assigned with a specific position (1, 2, 3, etc.) descending order. Once you change the “People” number to 1, 2, 3 etc., they will then be assigned to a corresponding position descending order on the People landing page going forward. For example, If you have 5 mentors, and John Doe is assigned an order of 5, he will appear first in the People Landing page.

To set a custom order for the users in your People landing page, navigate to:

  1. 'Publish'
  2. 'People'
  3. Locate a specific user, and select 'Edit'. 
  4. On the edit page, scroll down to the 'Order' field, and type in a number to assign an order. 

Once you are finished setting the order of your People section, please contact, and a team member will assist you in enabling the change on your People Landing page.

Check out a video tutorial of this process below!




Welcome to the newest members of the uConnect community! Great things are ahead. 




The following partner schools are having their uConnect birthdays (aka anniversary of platform launch, but more fun). 

Happy 2nd Birthday to: 

Happy 1st Birthday to: 




Check out articles published over the past month and get in the know!




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