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Mid Month Memo: April

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A newsletter-style blog published every third Wednesday of the month. In the Memo, you'll find practical advice and best practices for using your uConnect platform, inspiration from other partner schools, news from the uConnect community, and more! 





Champlain College Online adopted the uConnect platform to help their small team, dedicated explicitly to online students, scale the support they offer to a growing and diverse online student body. Read more on their uConnect story here!

Just after publicly launching their platform in November 2018, the Champlain team and uConnect co-hosted a launch event for Champlain Online stakeholders.

Champlain online party“Having a formal launch celebration with the uConnect team on campus was a wonderful way to showcase behind-the-scenes efforts, raise awareness of the role we share in student career development, and educate faculty, staff, and student leaders about this powerful and dynamic resource,” says Heidi Wrighton, Assistant Director of Career Planning and Development for Champlain Online. “The celebratory, festive vibe of the launch event fostered enthusiasm and excitement, while serving as good public relations for the career office. Having the uConnect team there in person demonstrated they stand behind their product and are great to work with.”

Champlain Online’s launch event brought together over 30 stakeholders, to lunch on pizza, hear a presentation from the uConnect team, and discuss ideas and questions about the platform. 

Even if your institution has been using uConnect for years, gathering campus stakeholders together in a room is the best way to inform and engage potential collaborators. We know you’re busy, which is why the uConnect team will happily sponsor and co-host/co-plan an event like Champlain’s with you. Just reach out to us to get going!


                     Edinboro party                      UVM party





Back for Chapter 2 of the uConnect marketing guide!


Your uConnect platform is a launch pad into the actions students and your community need to take to enhance and ensure student success. We’ve designed features to help you highlight and call out the most important steps you want users to take. Here’s a breakdown of all the different ways you can add CTAs (calls to action) on your platform, and increase engagement with the most important resources and steps.

Rotating Hero Banner

In the DIY section of last month’s memo, we discussed ways to create engaging rotating banners. This is probably the most highly visible (but often underutilized!) CTA you can add to your platform. Learn or refresh your memory on best practices for utilizing this space here.

Rotating banner example-1

 Hero Navigation Bar

The Hero Navigation Bar is the menu space just below your Rotating Hero Banner. While you can use this space in a variety of ways, an excellent use of this space is as a series of CTAs. Edinboro University’s platform is a great example. To set up or edit your Hero Navigation Bar, just send a message to us in support (!

Hero nav example

Employer/Alumni CTA Banner

Two of the stakeholder groups we’ve found our schools wish to engage with most (beyond students, of course) are alumni and employers. For that reason, we have a custom built Employer/Alumni CTA banner. Each side of the banner can link wherever you’d like, and can also be modified to address different stakeholder groups -- it is not limited exclusively to employers and alumni. Let us know in support if you want to add or edit an Employer/Alumni CTA Banner.

EmployerAlumni example


Buttons in the Header Space

Add buttons to the very top, or header space of your platform. These buttons will remain visible in the header wherever you are on the platform.

Buttons example


’Schedule an Appointment’ or ‘Send an Email’

Encourage users to get in contact with career advisors, staff, or mentors using the ‘Featured Users’ widget and Staff Page. Calls to action in the Featured User widget can be ‘Meet [Name]’, ‘Send an Email’, or ‘Schedule an Appointment’ -- just let us know which one you’d like to use.  Adding an appointment scheduling link to a staff profile will add a ‘Schedule an Appointment’ button to that staff member’s public profile on the staff page, another great CTA. Add staff social accounts as well to have the appropriate buttons added. If you need a refresher on updating staff profiles, read this.

Staff buttons example




Welcome to the newest members of the uConnect community! Great things are ahead. 




The following partner schools are having their uConnect birthdays (aka anniversary of platform launch, but more fun). 

Happy 1st Birthday to: 




Check out articles published over the past month and get in the know!




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