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How a uConnect Engagement Event Can Bring Your Whole Community Together

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You've done the work, you've put in the hours, now it's time to celebrate! Whether you've launched your uConnect platform last week or last year, we think you deserve some credit for all the work you've done to make it the dynamic resource it is. We also think that the rest of the community should know about it, which is why we're offering uConnect Engagement events to all of our institutional partners.

What's an Engagement event?

A uConnect Engagement Event is a chance for us to share the value in what you've created with your broader campus community. We bring food, we present on your behalf, answer questions from your team, and most importantly, have a good time!


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They sound fun, but why are these events so important?

These events aren't just fun, they're also key to gaining campus-wide buy in for the platform you've just spent weeks creating, or months maintaining. The typical audience for these events includes high level administrators or executives, faculty, career center team members, academic or career advisors, Student Success or Res Life staff, and Student Organization leaders. These stakeholders benefit from the event in two main ways:

(1) They learn how the platform can add value to their workflow.

If faculty are asked career questions in advising sessions or class, but don't know how to answer, they now have an easy way to direct students to the right resources based on industry or academic interests. Plus, classes can be featured on the uConnect platform, alongside other student success resources, to help students connect classroom to career. Do student organization leaders have trouble conveying event info to their club members? We can help with that by allowing them to create events and track registration through uConnect, or by integrating with your student organization management system. What about high level executives who are trying to increase retention rates? We can help by tracking student engagement and usage of the various tools integrated into the uConnect platform! What about advisors, who have trouble reaching their students, or are too often scheduling meetings to answer simple questions that already have answers explained elsewhere? The uConnect platform makes self-education easy so that students can not only find the answers to their FAQs themselves, but they can also clearly see who their advisors are and schedule appointments right from the platform. Conveying this info to each group on your own is hard, which is why we're here to help with this event. We can even tailor our presentation to fit the audience. Only have advisors attending? Or just faculty? No problem at all - we'll make sure they have the info they need.

(2) They learn how they can leverage the platform to contribute to students' career development.

The future of career services relies on the transition from a service, to a community model. This means that the days of reactive engagement where thousands of students depend on just a few career center team members are over. With the uConnect platform, you're leading the charge into a proactive, community-based career services future. The uConnect platform provides easy channels for your stakeholders to engage and provide support to students through guest submissions. Faculty can submit industry expertise, employers can share what they're looking for in a new hire, alumni can share success stories, and advisors can share tips and tricks for all stages of career preparation to the masses, all with a single click. During this event, we'll show your audience how they can engage, and share their voice and perspective to help support student success. Not only does this help your students, but it helps you to expand the reach of the career center, and scale support to all students!


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Interested in having an engagement event at your campus?

Shoot us an email at! We'd love to host an event for you. We'll come to campus, order some food, and get your stakeholders up to speed. Involving your community is the best step you can take towards building the most dynamic and supportive ecosystem for your students, and we're here to help!


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