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Five Key Reasons to Activate Automatic Newsletters in uConnect

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1. uConnect newsletters are resource agnostic.

Newsletters sent through other student success tools (job boards, student activities systems, mentor networking tools, etc.) often limit what can be included to only the content housed within that tool. This makes it harder for you, as an admin, to share the variety of opportunities and information available to students on campus, and harder for students to stay aware of what's accessible to them. uConnect newsletters are resource agnostic. Through our various integrations, our newsletters can pull in and present a variety of content from any integrated sources, allowing you to share all opportunities and content to students in one, central, newsletter. 


2. They're curated for each individual stakeholder. 

Based on our unique tagging structure, the uConnect system intelligently pulls content that matches the interests of each user, creating individually tailored newsletters for every. single. user. In a user's account, they're able to select the tags that match their interests, for example 'Healthcare',  or 'Interview Preparation'. In this scenario, the user would only receive content tagged to Healthcare, or Interview Prep, to ensure that the information they receive is relevant to them. When a user knows they won't have to sift through unwanted or unneeded content, they're more likely to engage and see what's new!



3. Designed to engage, not overwhelm.

Love the sound of a zero-maintenance newsletter, but worried about quality control? Rest assured, we've thought of that too. Our newsletter will only ever include content that matches your users preferences, as mentioned above. If there was no new content (matching a user's preferences) published on the platform since the last newsletter was delivered, that user just won't receive a newsletter. In this way, you don't have to worry about blank emails, or irrelevant filler content spamming your users. This also means you can keep your newsletters on over the summer! They'll likely go dormant as you take a much deserved break, but will start up again automatically when you begin publishing content in the fall. 

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4. Reach your entire community. 

While most email features only allow you to reach specific sets of users (usually the students you upload into the system), your uConnect newsletters can be sent to anyone in your community. Students, faculty, employers, alumni, and prospective students can all sign up for newsletters and customize their content, allowing you to reach your entire community, and inform everyone of the unique opportunities and advice available at the career center. 


5. Zero maintenance. Forever. 

No one wants to create more work for themselves, so we've designed our newsletters to take away from your workload, rather than add to it. Configure the settings for your newsletters, like day of the week and time you want them sent, subject line, and the quantities and order of included content, and let the system do the rest. Our newsletters will automatically send every day, week, or month (your choice!), without any (literally, zero) maintenance required, ever. 


Want to activate your auto newsletters? This article will tell you how. But if you have any questions, you can always find us at

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