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February 2021: Features and Updates

✏️From increased accessibility to growing your integrated tools...see February's new features, built for you! ✏️

  • For adding accessibility: We know how important accessibility is to you and to your audience and we're excited to share new additions to your platform accessibility! Your uConnect platform has been updated to include the following accessibility features: text and spacing can now be re-sized by using the zoom tool platform-wide; keyboard reader access is improved for dropdown menus and for Outcome Data; uConnect filters now have focus visibility, multi-select and fieldset information; header content is contained within a landmark region.
  • For relatable Resources: Your Resources can display many types of information, and you can now showcase that with your Resource button!  Instead of just 'View Resource,' you can now enter, instead, a customized call-to-action that best defines the tool and the information that you're sharing. To update this button, navigate to Publish > Resources and select 'Edit' on any Resource. After that, all you'll need to do is enter your intended text in the 'Button Text' field. If you have any questions on this process, please reach out to; we'll be happy to help!
  • For viewing Videos: Kaltura Videos, both for MediaSpace and Kaltura Video Player, can now be auto-embedded across your uConnect platform! When editing a blog, Community or other content, just select 'Add Media' and 'Insert Video URL' to share a Kaltura video (note: Kaltura Video Player videos can not yet be added from Publish > Videos).
  • For sharing Symplicity: For those integrated with Symplicity in uConnect, we're now happy to import and help you to publish On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) jobs! Please reach out to to get started.
  • For gaining GradLeaders: If you use the GradLeaders Jobs integration, we now support mapping of custom categories! This means that with a few configurations, we can now auto-publish and auto-tag jobs in custom fields. Interested in learning more? Please reach out to!


🐛 Admin can easily toggle between Jobs, Last Import, and Employers in the Publish section
Non-active links are no longer included when navigating between months in Events
🐛 Event pages that were pre-filtered by a shared category are now displaying second-layer Communities, when applicable
🐛 Images that were added to Event descriptions are no longer removed during syncs

We love to hear from you! If you have questions about any of these updates (or anything else!), find us at

And in case you missed the important updates that we shared last month...


Did you know? 

uConnect Academy Training is available 24/7! Simply click on the orange graduation cap in your Admin dashboard bar and use your login credentials to access our unique training modules guaranteed to get you thinking about how you can better engage students with your unique resources!

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