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August 2017 Special Edition: Updated Admin Dashboard and Employer/Job Posting Workflow

Special edition announcement! On Wednesday we're updating your admin dashboard to make life easier (and better looking) and also streamlining the workflow for Employer and Job postings. 

New Admin Dashboard - we've been spending much of this month working on giving the Admin Dashboard a facelift. The intent is to enhance the overall user experience by updating the style, format and layout to make make navigating the platform simpler, more efficient and more intuitive. 
  • What's different? New colors and font
  • Horizontal navigation bar to support your workflow - here we've highlighted the functional areas in pink
horizontal dashboard menu v3.png


Employers & Jobs update -  You gave us feedback and we listened! We're making some changes to the workflow designed to simplify the process for publishing jobs - no more navigating to different pages!

  • Jobs and Employers are now broken out into individual lists allowing them to be reviewed, sorted and filtered by column titles
  • 'Last Import' identifies the most recent import from your CSM making it easy to find and publish the latest jobs and publish them fast
  • 'Guest Submissions' identifies only jobs that have been posted by guests
  • If an employer and a related job both need publishing, they will now appear on one page, with the basic company info at the top and job details just below
  • Easily navigate between the jobs listings for a specific company and their company profile, and from the company profile to their available jobs
  • Have questions? Read the Knowledge Base article: Publishing Pending Employer Profiles & Jobs
July 2017 Features and Updates
August 2017 Features and Updates

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