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May 2019 Features and Updates

  • For the user underproper: The Featured User widget can now be filtered to only display people of a certain user type or types (Admin, Staff, Student Staff, Community Experts). Just message to reconfigure any of your Featured User widgets or to set up new ones!
  • For the information intermediary: If you have an SIS (Student Information System) integration, you now have the option to transfer data via JSON Endpoint. Hit up with any and all questions! 


🐛Updated the canonical URL for some older posts published from The Muse 

🐛Squashed a bug that caused some short URLs from microblogs to appear at the end of content blocks 

🐛Busted a bug that caused Resource tiles to show the 'Read More' button even when the resource description length was within the 20 minute word limit


If you have questions about any of these updates (or anything else!), hit us up at

And in case you missed these important updates from last month...



Did you know? 

uConnect Academy Training is available 24/7! Simply click on the orange graduation cap in the admin dashboard bar and use your login credentials to access our unique training modules guaranteed to get you thinking about how you can better engage students with your unique resources!

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