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Announcing User Interface updates!

Exciting news! We’ve made some updates to the uConnect interface to provide an improved user experience for both you and your end users. Many of you already have all or most of these updated designs live on your platforms, especially if you're a newer uConnect partner. But if you're interested, or think some of these changes may apply to you, let's take a quick walk through the updates!



The majority of uConnect platforms already display the updated version of the hero space. But if the top part of your homepage still shows multiple content boxes rather than a banner image, this update applies to you: 

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 10.09.21 AM


You can choose up to four images to rotate in your header! Here’s an article that explains how to update this section in your dashboard.



We’ve updated the employer preview tiles on your ‘/companies’ page. Again, many of you already have the new version live. Here is a side-by-side view of the old and new versions:

Employer Tiles with laptop


You’ll notice that you can now display a company logo in addition to a featured image, and the layout will dynamically scale based on the size of your chosen picture and logo. Bonus: The logo and featured image fields are now optional, which makes publishing profiles a breeze! In fact, we can now fully automate your workflow by intelligently tagging and publishing all incoming job and employer content from your CSM, including Handshake, Symplicity, 12Twenty, or GradLeaders. If you'd like to set up an auto-tag and/or auto-publish workflow for job and employer content, just reach out to and we will set that up!


Like the updated Employers page, the new layout (which many of you already have) is dynamic and includes the ability to add a logo, so that you can better highlight your external resources. Also like the Employer Profiles, the featured image, description, and logo are now optional! This update promotes a flexible layout, which reduces white space and optimizes your library to feature only what’s relevant for each resource. Take a look at the update here:

Resource Tiles


All of these exciting updates will be activated on July 21st. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at!

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