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Back to Basics

Every Sunday (okay, sometimes Monday if it's a three-day weekend) we review and send all of our partner schools a 'Weekly Usage Update'. While users can always find these stats in their uConnect admin dashboard, we email clients key datapoints so they can better understand how their community is engaging with their career resources. In doing this, we hope to support clients in reaching their utilization goals.

So partners can benchmark and improve usage of their uConnect portal, we wanted to create a 'Readership Primer' or essential, brass tacks, list of practices to provide a foundation that ensures career constituents are paying attention to all the wonderful news and information shared through the uConnect portal.

Back to basics for increased utilization in 3, 2, 1...


Rule #1 - Centralize assets to be easily accessible 

In other words, give your students a map to where your resources live. Check out our recent Two Things blog for more info on why this matters so much, but in a nutshell...

  1. Customize your uConnect portal by organizing all your resources under your career center's brand
    • Organize all your career resources in your uConnect portal. If all your relevant resources are located centrally, your students and other stakeholders only need to remember one place to go to find what they need
    • If the face of your career center exemplifies your institutional brand, it will instil immediate recognition and trust with your community. It can take a lot (of time and budget) to educate your users about each of the individual resources you offer. Linking to those resources from a branded portal will improve utilization and save loads of staff time and energy

Rule #2 - Import all your users, and make opting in to alerts an exercise in relevancy

Rule 2.1

  • Importing your user base means you can efficiently introduce your new portal to the community. You can import students, faculty, alumni, employers and any other type of stakeholder quickly and easily (and you should.) Simply run a report from your SIS, CRM, or CSM and send us the file (in .CSV) to load into your admin dashboard. If you have any questions about importing users, email our support team at 

Rule 2.2

  • Inbound marketing works. Use guerilla marketing, social media marketing (more about this below) and targeted emails to create marketing campaigns  to encourage your community to sign up for notifications that matter to them. Below are a few tips to engage some of your most important user bases: 
    • Students - Create a tagging hierarchy that speaks to your students. Think 'sophomore', 'study abroad', 'humanities', 'alumni stories.' Start with fewer tags and build up over time. Download our Email Tagging Impact instructable to learn why and how.
    • Faculty - Help faculty help you. Invite them to be career ambassadors and post important academic content within your career communities. Encourage them to sign up for personalized alerts about important events and resources they can share with their students in a classroom setting. Check out how Indiana University offers career courses for undergrads
    • Alumni - Recent grads may not have the $$$ to pad the endowment, but they are looking for cool ways to give back. Give them a chance to subscribe to cool mentor opportunities only they can support.  If they don't have a job yet, create a 'Recent Grads' career community for alumni to find opportunities and resources they can use in their job searches. 
    • Employers -  Your employer partners need access to what's next. How else are they going to meet your fantastically prepared students and know what's happening on campus? Encourage them to sign up for notifications about Employer Events to encourage deeper engagement. 

Some of our schools have as high as a 1000:1 student to career advisor ratio. With numbers like that, it's nearly impossible to provide the level of personalized support students expect. Engaging the community of influencers at large can be your most powerful weapon in serving students. Here's a short video about how you can engage guests contributors to scale career education. 

Rule #3 - Creating Content

Creating content doesn't have to be a headache - or take up all of your time. We know you and your department work hard to provide students and the community with lots of fantastic opportunities to engage with career services. Using the uConnect 'Blogs' and 'Microblogs' features gives you a place to give everyone an easily accessible stream of timely career news, announcements, advice, upcoming events, resources and more. 

To help our schools deliver even more content,  we've integrate feeds from some of the most popular third-party career sites, like Glassdoor, The Muse and Wayup, so you can easily share high-quality content from these providers right from you admin dashboard. 

Combining local content with the best content from around the web, all around your career center news, programming and featured jobs, and you'll see engagement soar. 

Rule #4 - Now Promote It

So now that you've created content, tell the world what you're up to. 

  • Link your social accounts. You may not consider the Tweet as the world's best vehicle for news, but 63% of Twitter users disagree. With one click, you can share any content from your uConnect portal across all your social profiles. 
  • Be liberal with tagging early on. Our automated alerts are designed to connect users with only the content they've asked for but if you think a post is omni-relevant, don't be afraid to 'select all' user types before publishing. 
  • Create a custom email campaign to each of your stakeholders and introduce them to your portal and offer them a quick, easy and valuable way to engage with everything career ed. 


It's all about efficient, effective usage! Centralize everything for your audiences and strategically promote content to get the highest possible utilization of all the resources on your uConnect portal..

Learn more about how uConnect helps schools consolidate resources to increase engagement and impact.

Let us know how we can help. You can reach our support team anytime at and visit our knowledge base at 



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