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Anthology Joins uConnect Partner Program to Help Colleges and Universities Engage Students with Comprehensive Career Exploration Earlier

One goal we often hear from our college and university partners is that they want to engage students with career services earlier in the student journey. This is an incredibly important goal that all career services offices, and institutions at the higher level, should focus upon. In working towards getting students to begin career exploration and development sooner, it is critical to remember that many students won’t be ready to create resumes, pursue internships, or meet employers right off the bat. Such students who engage with their career center and only see job postings and resume services are likely to feel overwhelmed and leave making it very difficult to get them to come back.

It is vital, therefore, to include among your career development offerings ‘softer’ opportunities and experiences that can help students learn about what interests them, build networks, and gain confidence and experience. For many institutions, such opportunities and experiences, including events, student clubs, organizations, civic engagement, and campus leadership opportunities, live in Anthology Engage.

To help colleges and universities increase early and consistent student engagement with the opportunities that will help them succeed, Anthology (formerly CampusLabs) has joined uConnect’s partner program to highlight important personal and professional development resources that are offered through Anthology’s Engage product, including student clubs, civic engagement, campus leadership, and much more. 

uConnect has developed the first and only all-in-one virtual career center, which colleges and universities use to create a single home for all of their career pathway resources, data, and information, to improve access and simplify engagement with career services for students, alumni, and the campus community.

Anthology inspires constituents to reach their full potential using technology insights in admission and enrollment management; student success and retention; institutional and learning effectiveness; alumni and advancement; and enterprise applications and infrastructure.

Together, uConnect and Anthology have developed a deep technical integration that automatically brings student organizations, events, and community and co-curricular opportunities from within Anthology to a school’s uConnect virtual career center. Once in uConnect, these opportunities from Anthology are curated, organized, and presented among the full range of career and student success resources inside the virtual career center. The result is a streamlined, consolidated, easily accessible digital space for students at all stages along the career exploration journey to come and discover a wide range of resources and opportunities. 

In integrating opportunities from Anthology into the uConnect virtual career center, colleges and universities like the University of Connecticut and Drew University are encouraging student success by creating a comprehensive and well-rounded space for students to begin exploring, learning, and engaging with experiences that will help them learn about career paths, start building a network and developing skills to succeed - from the moment they matriculate. And once these students are ready to begin building resumes, connecting employers, conducting mock interviews, and landing jobs, they’ll already know where to go and how to connect with Career Services.

Learn more about uConnect's integration with Anthology in our webinar happening on September 15th 2021. You can RSVP here- it's free for higher education professionals. 

Feel free to email if you'd like to take advantage of the partnership! 


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