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Amidst Acceleration, uConnect Client Success Teams Continue to Deliver Exceptional Support

This has been a difficult and stressful 5 months for everyone. In our world of higher ed, everything seems to change moment-to-moment, there’s uncertainty about the futures of our institutions and jobs, and we’re all concerned about the wellbeing and success of students everywhere. 

Higher ed’s move online, combined with students' ever expanding need for career services, has led to an increased demand to get virtual career centers up and running for new uConnect partners, and an increase in requests for updates, customizations, and support from our existing partners. And for many career services professionals, the transition to remote work combined with the pressure to optimize virtual career services in short order has made this a chaotic and vulnerable period of time. 

None of this is lost on our Onboarding and Client Success teams, who work directly with our partners everyday to build, update, and maintain their virtual career centers. We couldn’t be more proud of Alli, Shannon, Tala, and their teams for approaching every project and interaction with understanding, empathy, and flexibility. As new partners have come on quickly, and existing partners have leaned on us more heavily than before, all of us at uConnect have found deeper meaning and purpose behind our work, as we seek to  help career services teams embrace the move to virtual and evolve their processes so as to successfully support students during this sensitive time. 

I have to take this opportunity to boast, just a little, about how amazing our Onboarding and Client Success teams are - because it’s not just the rest of the uConnect team who thinks so! Our partners share glowing reviews of our Onboarding and Success teams all the time. 

Here’s just a little of the feedback we’ve received over the past several months: 

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Kristi Quote

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Updated Mary Quote


Our Onboarding Team works with each new partner to build their custom virtual career center. Over the past several months, new partners have needed to get their career center platforms up and running with even greater efficiency than usual.  The expedited timelines and increased pressure, however, haven’t stopped the Onboarding Team from providing exceptional service and support. To ensure that our onboarding process is the best it can be, we offer partners the opportunity to give us anonymous feedback on their experiences. Here’s some of what we’ve heard recently: 

  • “I want to say "Thank You" to the entire uConnect team. I have really enjoyed working with everyone. You have such a hard working, dedicated and caring team that provides excellent customer service. I can't say enough good things.” 
  • “The uConnect team has ALWAYS been extremely responsive in every regard” 
  • “Shannon made our onboarding experience fantastic! She was always available to answer questions. I felt very supported. Your entire team is fantastic.” 

I’ll stop there :) 

At uConnect, we’re grateful to work with caring and smart colleagues - both within our own team, and across all of our amazing partner institutions. Thank you all!

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