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5 Things to Do While You're in Portland for UPCEA New England


Headed to Portland for the upcoming UPCEA 2017 New England Regional Conference? Great! While you're in town, why not make the most of your time and see a bit more of the unique appeal of this fair city? After all, there's hardly a 'Best' list without Portland on it these days. Here are five ideas of things to do in Portland while you're visiting...

The upcoming UPCEA 2017 New England Regional Conference is taking place Wednesday October 25th through Friday the 27th at the Westin Harborview Hotel. Yes there's lots to cover in only a few days, but you're not going to be networking, attending presentations, and sitting inside all day are you? NO WAY! There are at least a couple windows of prescribed 'free time' where you can be wandering dockside, on the hunt for lobsters rolls and craft beverages while snapping instagram-worthy pics of a perfect port sunset. In fact, the UPCEA Schedule gives you both Wednesday and Thursday evening to explore all that Portland has to offer - bonus points for sticking around Friday afternoon after the conference lets out.

So without further ado, here are 5 wholesome excursions for a few hours of frolicking in Portland:

1. Head on down to Old Port
  • This is the Portland you were looking for. Take a stroll down by the docks and admire handsomely cobbled Fore Street and some of its charming buildings - like the fabulous Customs House. Lots to do, plenty to see, and retail stores are open later on Thursday evenings.

2.. Get your shellfish fix

  • It's Maine. You're supposed to eat seafood. You probably wont have time to poll all the locals on their favorite spot, but rest assured, their opinions have been documented, and the scores tallied. Read a detailed breakdown of 13 different options for lobster rolls from the Portlandians over at Allagash Brewing Co. 
    • Locations Vary 

3. Get into the holiday swing. Halloween, that is. 
  • The Maine Historical Society is giving haunted tours of Portland's famous Wadsworth-Longfellow House. Put on your best Gothic outfit and get into the spirit!
    • 6 Minute Walk from UPCEA Headquarters - MAP

4. Celebrate Portland Beer Week a couple weeks early 
  • According to the Brewers Association, Portland has more microbreweries per-capita than any other US city. And so while Portland Beer Week isn't until November, you can still sample some of the finest brews this side of the Connecticut river. We certainly don't advocate binge drinking, but there are more than a few within walking distance of conference headquarters, and variety is the spice of life, as they say. 
    • 15-25 Minute Walk from UPCEA Headquarters - MAP

5. Support the arts
  • Been chatting and networking all day? Take a load off and let someone else talk for a while.  The Portland Stage puts on theater productions and events year round. Check out what's happening 
    • 5 Minute Walk from UPCEA Headquarters, MAP



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