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5 Things to Do While You're in Boston for ACSN

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Coming to Boston for the upcoming Alumni Career Services Network Conference? We love Boston! In fact, uConnect is based right here in the Bean, and so when we're not in the uConnect office (it's pretty cool, literally - our air conditioning is arctic) we're out exploring all the fantastic sights, snacking in great restaurants, and meeting all the interesting Bostonians we can! 

The upcoming ACSN Annual Conference is taking place July 23rd through 25th at the Boston Copley Marriott, but you're not going to be networking, attending presentations, and sitting inside all day are you? NO WAY! There are at least a couple windows of prescribed 'free time' where you can be pounding the cobble-stoned streets, slurping chowder, and practicing dropping your 'R's' like the rest of us. In fact, the ACSN Schedule gives you all of Monday evening off - so let's go!

Here are 5 wholesome excursions for a few hours of frolicking in Boston:

1. Head over to the Boston Public Library
  • Besides sporting some seriously impressive symmetry and other architectural details, BPL is a fantastic place to explore. Admire the historic collections, murals, and galleries of the library and then wander into the courtyard for a cool drink at the cafe. Take a look at BPL's self-guided tour here.
    • 5 Minute Walk from ACSN Headquarters, Open until 9:00, admission free - MAP

2. Have a Harvard Square Adventure
  • Take the MBTA Redline to Harvard Sq. and get your Good Will Hunting on. Take a stroll through Harvard Yard, visit the Harvard Coop bookstore, and sit-streetside for some people watching and maybe an ice cream - or dinner - or both? 
    • MBTA Fare $5.50, round-trip - MAP

3. North End Nosh
  • Nothing like long conference days in July to warrant heaping bowls of pasta washed down with a couple of cannolis! The North End of Boston is home to Boston's Little Italy and one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city.  Chock-full of things to see and taste, and Fanueil Hall and the Paul Revere House are nearby too.
    • MBTA Fare $5.50, round-trip - MAP

4. Boston Brahmin in the Public Garden and Beacon Hill
  • While the famous tulips have passed, the public garden has many charms to offer in the summer season. Keep on going toward the famously quaint Charles Street, and make your way up to Acorn Street in Beacon Hill - which still possess its original cobblestones and 19th-century period details.
    • 25 Minute Walk from ACSN Headquarters - MAP

5. Seaport District for Serious Seafood
  • Lot's of options for those wanting a waterside dining experience in the neighborhood currently experiencing the biggest boom in development. A definite recommendation for those wanting to sample some shellfish or a pint at one of Boston's many well known breweries. Stop by and visit us too - the uConnect office is nearby!
    • MBTA Fare $5.50, round-trip - MAP


Want to learn more about how uConnect works with many of the Boston area schools to purposefully engage students and alumni with resources throughout their college journies? Learn more at ACSN

Want to be a bigger part of the conversation? Post to social using the #breakoutCS hashtag and tell us how you breakout career services to serve your alumni. We'll pick a winner at random and send a $100 Amazon gift card. 


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