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5 Reasons You Need to Be at Career Everywhere Indianapolis

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September 26th is Career Everywhere Indianapolis, an event co-hosted with uConnect by Indiana University Bloomington and Strada Education Network. Career Everywhere is a day-long gathering focused on integrating career pathways into every phase of the student journey. You don't want to miss it (so reserve your seat here). Here's why:


1. You’ll hear from experts who have successfully elevated career development at their institutions

Leaders like Daniel Pascoe Aguilar, Associate Provost for Experiential Education & Career Development at Drew University; and Monica Clem, Executive Director of Career Development and Experiential Learning, have made significant change and impact at their institutions. They’ve garnered institutional buy-in for career advancement initiatives at the highest levels, successfully collaborated with faculty and staff across campus, and have implemented new and innovative models for enhancing student success. In short, they’ve been building a Career Everywhere approach at their respective institutions, in which career development is integrated into every aspect of the student journey. You’ll want to hear them share their stories.


2. It’s a new kind of conference; leaders from across all of higher education will be there

The career preparation of our students is far too important to be relegated to one office, especially an office that has historically been understaffed and under-funded. In order for all students to be successful, the entire campus community must be activated to contribute to the career development effort.

That’s why at Career Everywhere, leaders from every part of the institution are gathering to brainstorm and share strategies for integrating career resources and services into enrollment, academic advising, classrooms, student life, alumni relations, continuing education, and more.


3. It’s an opportunity to connect with peers solving the same problems you are

Career Everywhere is a unique opportunity to engage with other progressive leaders who are working to make sure every student has access to the support and resources they need to be successful throughout and after college. 


4. Low time commitment, high reward       

We packed a lot into one day. There will be keynotes, hands on activities, break out sessions to choose from, plus food and fun, of course. It’s everything a longer conference is, condensed into one day so you can get back to campus and get to work. 


5. Celebrations and Locations

Career Everywhere is taking place at the stunning new headquarters of Strada Education Network, located in Market Tower in the heart of downtown Indy. And just across the Soldiers and Sailors Monument is Rock Bottom Beer Hall, a lively brewery and restaurant where we’ll be hosting our reception! 

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