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5 Social Media & Creative Tools That Are Replacing the Paper Resume

As you probably already know, job listings and recruiters are going online. More generally, the whole employment experience is transitioning to the web. Part of this shift is that professional social media sites have begun to replace static application materials; the omnipotent paper resume of years past is dying.

Smarterer, a startup specializing in skills assessment, wrote an article about this in 2013. Their mission is to transform the way companies hire by providing dynamic assessment tools, i.e., tools that can purportedly quantify any skill in as few as 10 questions and 120 seconds. They argue that the paper resume is dying precisely because it is static: it gives recruiters no real insight into the skills of the applicant.

Here are five tools that can be used to either replace or reinvent the paper resume:

  1. Transfolios

  2. LinkedIn


  4. Piktochart



Transfolios is redefining the resume by bundling it with a number of secondary application materials. What’s left is something resembling a social media profile. The user's page includes a general profile, project portfolio, grade report with detailed data, and degree/program progress tab. The result is a resume that can be used to evaluate the candidate more holistically. Great for people who want something that is easy and intuitive to use.





LinkedIn, which has become ubiquitous in the business world and beyond, allows users to showcase their work experience, academic history, and connections, etc., while enabling them to communicate with other professionals, read interesting content, and apply for jobs all in one place. In short, this social media platform has transformed resumes by making them easily accessible and more dynamic. This is probably the most important tool on this list because of its popularity and the networking opportunity it provides. 


5SocialMediaSitesblogpic advertises itself as “The Big Picture of You” and that is exactly what you get with this creative-minded social media site. The user creates a profile, adds a resume, and has the chance to build a portfolio of his/her work. This gives the user a place to connect and share personal as well as career oriented details. Because is geared toward creativity and personal expression, it gives recruiters a broader sense of who the applicant is. Have creative students? Let them know about this tool.



“Tell your story. Make it beautiful. And share it.”

Piktochart helps people tell their stories visually. You can encourage your creative students to add personality to their resume by using a tool like Piktochart. Of course, not all recruiters respond well to this, so you must be careful. If your students are applying for jobs in advertising, marketing, social media managing, or, more broadly, anything that is focused on creativity, this is a great way for them to spruce up a boring resume and show off their skills and dedication. 


Piktochart helps aggregate information: it automatically organizes your web presence in one place. Both easy and stylish, students can use this website to create a profile that showcases their personality, creative ability, and professional interests. Your students can add videos, resume details, recommender information, blog posts, etc., which empowers them to give the professional world a more holistic understanding of their talents. In short, this tool differentiates itself from the others in that it focuses more acutely on centralizing and showcasing your web activity.


As the resume and job-search landscape continues to change, career service professionals need to be actively incorporating these sites into their advising efforts. After all, these are the sites students and recruiters are visiting, and will continue to visit in the future. If you have strong feelings or thoughts about how the resume is evolving, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. And, as always, drop us a line anytime at


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